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The Switch to Gradle: A Good Move for Hibernate?

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As developers start to consider migration to the newly released GA version of Maven 3, Hibernate developers will say goodbye to the Apache build manager at version 2.  Steve Ebersole argued strongly for a switch in the build tools for Hibernate 4.0, the next major version in development.  The arguments worked, and now Hibernate is migrating to Gradle, a Groovy-based build system.  

For anyone contributing to 4.x builds of Hibernate, you'll want to acquaint yourself with the project's documentation, which is mature and extensive.  This will be your go-to-guide for almost any question.  Since pre-4.0 versions of Hibernate use Maven for builds, most developers will want to know how certain things in Maven translate to Gradle.  For these developers, there is a three-part guide that helps Maven-users learn Gradle.

So let's take a poll.  Has Hibernate's decision changed your mind about Gradle or Maven?  Whether you're a Hibernate contributor or not, do you think the project developers made the right decision in moving Hibernate development over to Gradle for its builds? 


Luis Carlos Mor... replied on Tue, 2014/08/12 - 6:18pm

Gradle is Future!

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