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Poll: NOSQL Interest

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There's been a somewhat uninformed debate recently over which type of data management pattern is objectively "better" than the other - NoSQL or Relational databases.  The more helpful discussions are centered around determining the strengths and weaknesses of each solution, and then identifying which tool is right for a given situation.  Some supporters of the NoSQL movement have tried to cool down the combativeness and the misconceptions by renaming the acronym "NOSQL," for "Not Only SQL".

NOSQLs are best known for their ability to serve massive amounts of data very cheaply.  Open source NOSQL data stores have experienced rapid adoption in the last year.  Casssandra was picked up by Digg and Twitter, the Redis project lead was hired by VMware, CouchDB was in production use at many companies and websites before it was even out of beta, and MongoDB recently snagged commercial support from a startup called 10gen.  We can only imagine the level of adoption growth that these data stores will experience in the next few years, which leads to the poll question:  

Which NOSQL are you currently using or most interested in using? (Or, which would you like to learn more about the most?)
Apache HBase
15% (108 votes)
Apache Cassandra
33% (243 votes)
4% (28 votes)
2% (17 votes)
Project Voldemort
2% (13 votes)
Apache CouchDB
21% (156 votes)
15% (109 votes)
8% (62 votes)
Total votes: 736


Arek Stryjski replied on Fri, 2010/04/02 - 9:09am

I believe also Riak should be on this list.

I'm surprise why only few people are interested in Project Voldemort.
The difference in interest between Cassandra and Voldemort is big, but they are both Java projects inspired by Amazon Dynamo. Definitely I would like to know more about differences between this two, and why people favour Cassandra.

Francis Adediran replied on Thu, 2010/04/08 - 12:00pm


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