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JavaOne 2010: What Interests You?

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The call for papers recently opened for  JavaOne 2010,  where Oracle promise to bring the conference "back to it's roots".  If you have a talk proposal, you have until March 14th to submit it. There are seven different topics for talks this year: 

  • Core Java Platform

    This track will cover the basics of Java, common to all users of the platform, including the core language, virtual machine and tools.

  • Java SE and Desktop Java

    Covers the latest developments in JavaSE with a focus on desktop application development, including applications on the web. This track also covers support for scripting languages like Ruby.

  • Java EE and Java for Enterprise Applications

    With a bigger focus on the cloud and virtualization, this track also covers the JavaEE practices and strategies.

  • JavaFX and Rich User Experience

    JavaFX got a lot of coverage last year, and this conference will continue to focus on createing rich user interfaces using JavaFX and other Java technologies.

  • Java ME and Mobile

    JavaME has been around for a long time, but the past few years have proved that the mobile industry is really taking off. This track will show off JavaME as a framework for developing across a large number of device, and will include discussions on Java Store and Java Warehouse.

  • Java for Devices, Card, and TV

    This track covers embedded and device usages of Java technologies including Java SE, Java ME, Java Card, and JavaFX.

  • The Java Frontier

    This track is for the pioneers, the developers and visionaries who want to share ideas, prototypes, and even working systems that are beyond the everyday and that are driving the very boundaries of Java technology.

So which of the topics above gets your attention for JavaOne 2010? 

Core Java Platform
18% (40 votes)
JavaSE and Desktop Java
21% (46 votes)
Java EE and Java for Enterprise Applications
25% (54 votes)
JavaFX and Rich User Experience
19% (42 votes)
Java ME and Mobile
3% (6 votes)
Java for Devices, Card, and TV
4% (9 votes)
The Java Frontier
10% (23 votes)
Total votes: 220


Shane Johnson replied on Wed, 2010/02/17 - 9:28am

I would like to see more topics in the core and frontier tracks.

I started to lose interest in JavaOne and TSSJS when the majority of the sessions covered web frameworks (Wicket, Seam, etc), AJAX/GWT, SOA, unit testing, Spring, and Hibernate.

Spring and Hibernate are ancient. They are relics. That's not to say they aren't solid frameworks, but rather that they have been around a long time now.

Web frameworks are a a dime a dozen. Why do we have to keep introducing them over and over again? How many 'Advanced Wicket' sessions do we really need?

AJAX/GWT - Leave that to a web developer conference. GWT is not new and shiny anymore. Quite frankly I'm not even sure if it has even been a success.

Talking about SOA is like beating a dead horse. Period.

My issue is that for any of these topics that are 1.2 billion blog posts, tutorials, etc.

That being said I'd like to see more core Java. How many developers are truly competent in multithreading, sockets, JVM tuning? Not that this is anyone's fault. Not everyone gets an opportunity for hands on development with these when they are primarily building web applications.

Naturally the frontier would be great. How about sessions on NoSQL, functional programming, distributed applications, scalability, and more?

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