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IBM to join Oracle in OpenJDK development

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As you may or may not have heard, IBM and Oracle are joining forces to contribute to the OpenJDK development. This means IBM programmers will be directly contributing to the OpenJDK code-base to implement the Java spec, which is excellent news in my opinion: OpenJDK gets more attention from some top engineers, which could result in a resilient product with a faster turnaround on features as well as a greater chance of innovation. We could very well see a JDK release on schedule at this rate! This is a positive for Java's longevity too, it means it's going to get the attention it needs to bring it in-line with this century's popular language idioms.

I do wonder if this improves relations between developers and the now hostile Oracle; they've axed many a project that you might know and love - does this improve your opinion of Oracle at all?

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