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Have Mobile Apps Made You Rich?

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I've often wondered if developers can make a decent living creating mobile applications. Reading the Android Developers Income Report post, it's clear that it's difficult to make thousands, but not impossible to have a steady income from app development.  I'd be interested to hear your experiences and opinions on depending on apps to get you by, or whether you think it's better to write apps on the side. No need to disclose any numbers, I just want to see if people are doing well in the mobile app economy. 


Jethro Borsje replied on Wed, 2010/11/10 - 5:06am

Perhaps you can add a direct link to the results page, because one might overlook the small tab at the top of your post...

James Sugrue replied on Wed, 2010/11/10 - 5:13am in response to: Jethro Borsje

Thanks for the comment - the results get displayed after you have voted. If that's what you're looking for?

Oliver Plohmann replied on Wed, 2010/11/10 - 10:26am

Smartphone development is indeed cumbersome. A project only takes some few months. The daily rates are low. Then you have to look for a new assignment. In case it is not Android, you have to learn iPhone development very quickly or whatever. Nevertheless, some few people have made decent money developing an iPhone/iPad app on their own and charging some few cents or bucks for it. Apple makes sure the money for the download is booked to your account and Apple makes sure the downloaded copy only works on a specific iPhone. Therefore no software piracy can go on and you have almost zero administrative costs or sales costs. If you can pay for a year development of some cool iPhone app, go ahead! Maybe some nerd has meanwhile uploaded a similar app and charges no money for it ... But on the otherhand success stories do exist.

Fabrizio Giudici replied on Wed, 2010/11/10 - 11:42am

Well, there's a missing option. I'm developing FLOSS on mobile, to get rich in knowledge and skills, so I can consult on it and make money in another way :-)

Alex(JAlexoid) ... replied on Wed, 2010/11/10 - 1:11pm in response to: Fabrizio Giudici

That falls in the hobbe column....

Fabrizio Giudici replied on Thu, 2010/11/11 - 3:16am in response to: Alex(JAlexoid) Panzin

"Hobby" for me is a totally different concept that "learning skills to make money"...

Alex(JAlexoid) ... replied on Sat, 2010/11/20 - 9:44am in response to: Fabrizio Giudici

Is it blueBill that you are developing? If you are developing it during leisure time and for pleasure or relaxation - then it's by definition a hobby. Where you plan to use those skills later on, that is a different story.

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