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Going Beyond the Basics With Open Source Search

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About this podcast

Useful search technology is more than just an entry bar and a list of results.  These days, companies like LinkedIn, Amazon, and others are showing us just how far a well designed search application can go. 

Charlie Hull works with a group of open source search specialists at Flax, a company that does search consulting and builds custom search applications using open source technologies including Solr, Lucene, and Xapian.  Charlie keeps a strategic view on developments in the Search industry, and at one point in his career, he helped lead a team that developed a half-billion-page internet search engine. 

In this 2nd installation of the DZone podcast series on Lucene, Solr, and Enterprise Search, Charlie hull gives his perspective on a wide range of topics including probabilistic search, open source search vs. proprietary, going beyond the basics, and even the recent buzz around IBM's Watson computer and what it means for search.