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An Interview With Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation Director

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About this podcast

Following Eclipse Summit Europe, I spoke with Mike Milinkovich, Director of the Eclipse Foundation.

In the interview we discuss the detail behind the Eclipse Foundation, the people that keep Eclipse and the community going, with a staff of just 15 people across the world. It's also interesting to hear how the funding model works through member companies.

Throughout the interview we also talk about the Eclipse conferences, with a focus on Eclipse Summit Europe, and Mike's highlights from the event.

When discussing what's exciting in the Eclipse eco-system Mike brings up runtimes, following the Gemini and Virgo releases, and modelling, which is continuing to gain more and more popularity in Europe.

An important statistic to note is that there are over 1,000 committers across the ecosystem. I asked Mike about becoming a committer, and he explains how you start by contributing, communicating and following through the meritocracy process.

Towards the end of the interview, we also talk about the JCP, Java 8 (and modularity) and the state of the Java community, particularly on Oracles stewardship and investment into the Java platform.