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Podcast: The Future Of Java For Rich Internet Applications

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Artist:Simon Ritter Plays:287
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About this podcast

Simon Ritter gives an introduction to JavaFX and discusses where it's going in this podcast recorded at a recent conference. JavaFX was the big news story at JavaONE earlier this year and following the preview SDK release more applications based on JavaFX started to appear. 

We'll see the first main release of JavaFX this autumn with JavaFX Desktop, closely followed by JavaFX Mobile (Spring 2009)  and JavaFX TV (Summer 2009).

One of the highlights of the talk, was the demo of MusicPinboard - an application written by Canoo over 8 days. Having only seen simpler applications based on JavaFX, this really impressed the audience. I'd recommend you try running it to see what JavaFX is capable of.

Simon also discusses JavaSE6 Update 10 covering the simplified deployment and draggable applets. You can also download the presentation slides for this recording.

This podcast is a recording from the recent java@cork conference.


Julian Duque replied on Tue, 2008/09/16 - 11:17am

I think JavaFX is becoming a great plattaform to develop rich applications, it will be the natural evolution of Java GUI (Swing).

Casper Bang replied on Tue, 2008/09/16 - 11:26am in response to: Julian Duque

Well let's just hope it will be more successfull than both Swing desktop and applets were.

Michal Hlavac replied on Tue, 2008/09/16 - 11:42am

MusicPinboard is nice example how JavaFX application shouldn't look like. It runs under Windows XP only!!!

Michael Bien replied on Wed, 2008/09/17 - 11:49am in response to: Michal Hlavac

>It runs under Windows XP only!!!

well in this case it isn't a good example of an JFX application ;-)

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