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Movie: "One Thing from Devoxx 2009"

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Random attendees at Devoxx were asked, on the final day, to talk briefly about one new thing they'd learned at Devoxx, one interesting new project they'd heard about for the first time, or one technique they'd like to try out as a result of something they'd heard at Devoxx.

This movie is the result of that question! Projects mentioned in this movie include Apache ACE, Lombok, jBPM, Infinispan,, Da Vinci Machine, Jigsaw, Gradle, JSR-308, Java EE 6, JavaPosse, JavaFX, DTrace/BTrace, and Scala.

Note: The order in which the interviews are sequenced in the movie is alphabetically by country. So, the first interviews are with people from places like Belgium, Estonia, and Germany, while the last interviews are with people from Sweden, the UK, and the USA. Most people who were approached to participate did so, except for anyone from Finland (because there guys are apparently chronically shy) and Stephan Janssen the exhausted organizer of the conference!

And this entire movie was produced on Ubuntu 9.04 via the free movie editor avidemux!



Published at DZone with permission of its author, Geertjan Wielenga.


Lucia Tovar Ruiz replied on Sat, 2009/11/21 - 3:27pm

Thnx @GeertjanW !

Roman Strobl replied on Mon, 2009/11/23 - 10:04am

Nice video, Geertjan! :)

Rick Ross replied on Tue, 2009/11/24 - 8:55am

Wow, thanks Geertjan! This really gives the feeling of what the show was like for the people attending. I'm sorry I wasn't there.


Miroslav Kopecky replied on Thu, 2009/11/26 - 8:44am

Cool Geertjan... definitely ThX for your video.

David Cameron replied on Fri, 2013/05/03 - 2:21am

I watched the movie with a lot of interest, I work as a programmer and attending the Devoxx conference that took place in Antwerp, Belgium was a very nice experience, I learned a lot of useful things that would help me in the future. A colleague of mine told me that jennifer lawrence was among the people that were interviewed, this would make the movie much more interesting but unfortunately he made a joke about this because he knew she is my favorite actress.

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