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Where Will You Focus Your Mobile Development Efforts?


Fred Wilson posed an interesting question recently on his blog - where should mobile developers focus? While we all have our favorites in such debates, common sense has to emerge to make a proper business decision. The most useful bit of information is the following chart showing the current state of smartphone share, from comScore: 


If I can only target one platform, smart decisions are needed here. I don't want to be targetting Blackberrry devices if RIM is losing market share. Similarly, is it safe to bet on Apple when you consider Android's progression over the last year? 

If we've learn anything though, past performance does not provide future guarantees. There are some recent trends to consider: 

  • Although Android is popular now, has it reached it's peak?
  • Would Apple be more successful this time around if they didn't have the antenna issue?
  • With Windows Phone 7, are Microsoft poised to disrupt the market further?
Of course, I don't have the answers to any of this. But I'd like to see what mobile platform you would bet on for the future?
14% (29 votes)
79% (163 votes)
5% (11 votes)
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 207


Alex(JAlexoid) ... replied on Tue, 2010/12/07 - 10:54pm

Well this is Javalobby, what did you think the answers were supposed to be?

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