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What IDE Do You Use Everyday?


Recently German Java developer site JAXenter ran a poll to find what the most popular Java IDE was.  The results were pretty close, with Eclipse just edging it with 4% more votes than NetBeans. I'd like to see what the DZone community would vote as their IDE of choice.

I know it's not the most original poll, but the past year has seen many developments that could change the Java IDE landscape. For example, IntelliJ are providing a free edition, NetBeans had it's 6.8 release while Eclipse has also moved along to it's 3.5 version. 

Last year, I gave my five reasons for Eclipse being my choice for development, while Adam Bien provided his reasons for choosing NetBeans. Feel free to leave comments about why you chose the IDE that you did.

30% (1432 votes)
44% (2099 votes)
13% (636 votes)
I use a combination of IDEs
5% (231 votes)
I develop without an IDE
3% (130 votes)
6% (285 votes)
Total votes: 4813


Jakob Jenkov replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 7:46am

I work as a freelancer. Most of my clients use Eclipse because it is free, but whenever I get the chance to work on my own, private projects I used IntelliJ IDEA. Why? It just feels better in my hands. I know that Eclipse and IDEA are not that far apart functionally, but the things I do most are just easier to do in IDEA than in Eclipse in my opinion. Yes, number of mouse clicks matters to me.

Tracy Nelson replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 8:50am

I use Eclipse because that's what the company decrees (or, to paraphrase George Carlin, "The boss editor with the boss feature and the boss plug-ins that my BOSS told me to use!").  When I get to pick, I use NetBeans.  I like Eclipse, it's just that I like NetBeans better.  It seems to take less configuration and, mostly, just does things the way I expect them to be done.  When Eclipse isn't doing what I expect, I often don't know where to start looking.  I haven't tried IntelliJ yet, maybe when this project is done...

Alex Scott replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 9:06am

I'm the same as Tracy - Eclipse at work and Netbeans personally.

I come from a Microsoft background (Visual Studio), and I find the NetBeans GUI more intuitive the dev environment easier to configure. However I do like the Eclipse perspectives.

Danny Lee replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 10:59am

I use Eclipse for my production projects, but I'm also playing around with Netbeans and IntelliJ during last couple of week and I actually do like these two (OK, IntelliJ is pretty ugly, but still). 

I was wondering about German JavaMagazin and theyr quick vote. I have lot of friends (more than 10) java devs working in different companies all around the world. All of them use Eclipse for daily work, so it's really 100% eclipse for me in the moment.

Who are you Netbean guys? Are you in production or rather in science? 


Eric Wendelin replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 11:42am

Just curious why JDeveloper isn't included in the list. I am under the impression it is relatively popular.

Adam Metzler replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 11:50am

These polls really don't show anything, because they are constraind buy their audience, not the users as a whole. If you want to see what the REAL most popular IDE is, hava a look here: what google thinks is the most popular!


And the winner is.... Netbeans!

Reza Rahman replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 11:52am

I just switched to NetBeans and don't miss the sluggishness of a bloated IDE that tries to be everything for everyone (you guessed it - Eclipse).



Peter Karussell replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 12:33pm

> Who are you Netbean guys? Are you in production or rather in science?

 Hi there ! both in production and @home

Wal Rus replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 12:52pm

netbeans has limited code formatting options, that's one problem that kept me from exploring this IDE further. Eclipse of the moon cult is just that. I won't use it for its name and purpose: eclipsing the Sun :)
Moon cults never worked out good for our society. There!

So, IntelliJ Idea it is.

Otengi Miloskov replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 12:54pm

I used Netbeans, Was, Intellij, Eclipse, JBuilder, MyEclipse and vanilla Eclipse is my favorite at last. Netbeans is my second choice but Im afraid the future of Netbeans with Oracle.

MyEclipse is bloated and have flaws, Intellij renders pretty bad on Linux, Intellij on Mac it is ok and have great functionality but there are some bugs too. Was plain sucks and it is so bloated. JBuilder it was long time ago but it was ok it is dead now.

So as I said my choice is Eclipse because just with one multiplatform IDE I can do Java(JEE/Spring, JSE, JavaFX), Flex, Ajax/javascript, C++, Python, UML, xml, html/css and much more. If you tune right your eclipse it will be fast and no bloated and feels right.


David Castañeda replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 2:20pm

The real question for me here would have to be the voter have used all of the IDES listed for make at least a little project. I have always found people telling [X is the best IDE] but never tried more that 2 IDES and most of the time they tried them 5 years ago.

khaled essghaier replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 2:52pm

my IDE of choice (netbeans) != the IDE i use for my every day job (eclipse)

Henk De Boer replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 3:02pm

I'm very interested in learning how "Eclipse" is exactly divided further.

  • Eclipse Classic (Java SE development)
  • Eclipse Java EE (e.g. WTP)
  • MyEclipse
  • Jboss Tools
  • Something else?

Ian Skerrett replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 3:08pm in response to: Adam Metzler

> If you want to see what the REAL most popular IDE is, hava a look here: what google thinks is the most popular!


That google tend link basically shows the number of people that search on 'Netbeans' and 'Eclipse IDE'.  I agree 100% very few people search on the term 'Eclipse IDE'. 

John J. Franey replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 4:07pm in response to: Adam Metzler

what google thinks is the most popular!

Not exactly. Its merely the result of a web search that you defined. eclipse wins in this equally useless query

Henk De Boer replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 4:10pm

With respect to WTP vs MyEclipse vs Jboss tools, this query seems to indicate MyEclipse being more popular: MyEclipse vs WTP vs Jboss Tools.

Adam Metzler replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 4:26pm in response to: Ian Skerrett

If you use just eclipse in the search trends you end up with thinks like 'solar eclipse' and not eclipse ide, so the results would be scewed. The only way to get resonable results is to add IDE in the search terms, which anyone searching for things relating to eclipse would append to find meaningful results (I have had to do this many times while searching for some topic about eclipse).

Piero Sartini replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 5:04pm

I am using IntelliJ most of the time, but like NetBeans for smaller projects as well.

Ian Skerrett replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 6:14pm in response to: Adam Metzler

So based on your search queries, would you claim Eclipse is the least popular IDE?  Sorry but I don't even think a Sun executive would make that claim. 

Rencana Tarigan replied on Tue, 2010/01/12 - 9:15pm

I'm using Eclipse because first time learn java 2 years ago my leader ask me to use eclipse because client using eclipse, and now i already do some job using eclipse RCP and i think it's must use Eclipse..

and my hand enjoy about keyboard shortcut :)

Dapeng Liu replied on Wed, 2010/01/13 - 2:29am

eclipse on ubuntu is a bit buggy

so Netbeans 

Movk Movk2 replied on Wed, 2010/01/13 - 2:54am

I use primarily NetBeans and IntelliJ. I would like to use Eclipse more. Main reason I do not use it is that Eclipse does not handle version control (CVS, SVN, ...) on "mounted" directories.  NetBeans and Intellij has no problem with it.

Simon Ibarra replied on Wed, 2010/01/13 - 9:42am

If not for Google Android, I wouldn't be using Eclipse.

Henk De Boer replied on Wed, 2010/01/13 - 10:31am

Does anyone actually uses Eclipse for Java EE or Web development?

Siegfried Bolz replied on Wed, 2010/01/13 - 12:09pm

At work i am using IntelliJ IDEA (when possible), its refactoring features are the best of all IDE's. I have noticed that the most of my customers use Eclipse, because they never had evaluated other IDE's, so they think that Eclipse is the one and only IDE. Showing them NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA had often switched their mind to change the IDE. My last customer started a new project from the green landscape and they evaluated Eclipse, NetBeans and IDEA, the result was IDEA, followed by NetBeans and Eclipse.

Ian Bull replied on Wed, 2010/01/13 - 1:45pm in response to: Adam Metzler

I realize why you structured your queries this way (to avoid naming conflicts with other uses of the word eclipse), but I'm sure you realize that this query doesn't answer your research question at all. You have answered the question: what term do people search for. And as Ian S. pointed out, very few people search for the term 'Eclipse IDE'. There are many fundamental flaws in the design of your study, not to mention the leap you made from arbitrary Google Queries to IDE usage. As an aside, there are more search results for 'Eclipse IDE' as compared to 'Netbeans IDE' -- again, this doesn't say anything about IDE usage -- but I assume you're not interested in this because it doesn't present the results you wanted.

Michael Noga replied on Thu, 2010/01/14 - 11:16am

Netbeans, I do mainly PHP dev and Netbeans works great with PHP, especially if you use Symfony. Eclipse always ends up consumeing way to much system resources too.

Marc Stock replied on Thu, 2010/01/14 - 11:32am

Unfortunately, this poll to see what people's preferred IDE is isn't very useful. Most developers I've talked with about IDEs, and there are a lot of them, have never even tried anything but Eclipse (or some flavor thereof). It would be fascinating to see what turned out as the most popular IDE if they were all FOSS and people actually tried them all (and I don't mean tinkering with them for 2 hours). I'd be pretty shocked if IDEA didn't easily win in that scenario. For most people, your IDE cannot be best of breed unless it's free because they think the cost of using an IDE is all rolled into the purchase price rather than the thinking about the productivity costs/benefits of using it for 8+ hours a day.

Farouk Alhassan replied on Thu, 2010/01/14 - 2:06pm

the most popular IDE is what you like most and what suits your needs. I dont see why you should compare them.

Anyway, I love my netbeans, especially Ctrl+Space...you know what I mean..lol

Henk De Boer replied on Thu, 2010/01/14 - 2:31pm

I hate to nag, but seriously...

Nobody is using Eclipse for Java EE or web development? Really?

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