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Poll: Which Programming Language Needs to Die?


Pretty simple question.  Which programming language do you think is bad for the developer community while it's still being used?  Or which language do you think has stuck around in the industry for too long?

If you're feeling especially murderous, you can go ahead and take the survey monkey version, which allows you to pick more than one language for the grave.

Pick multiple languages in this poll

Or take the 'pick one' poll below and see the results now...

Which Programming Language Needs to Die?


19% (598 votes)
7% (231 votes)
7% (233 votes)
6% (191 votes)
6% (191 votes)
12% (360 votes)
3% (104 votes)
Visual Basic
33% (1014 votes)
Other (Leave a Comment)
6% (194 votes)
Total votes: 3116


Cafebabe Ru(ssia) replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 1:29am

where is the C++?

Sebastian Mueller replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 2:37am

I would also like to know why you included Java (e.g.), but did not add any of the "C" languages to the list (C, C++, Objective-C, C#). 

Bodo Meyerhorn replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 2:58am

Hm, now this fashionable nonsense comes also to DZone? What is next?

<programming language I don't like> is DEAD!!! <programming language I like> is the SHIZ nao!!!!!1111eleven

Carlos Hoces replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 5:55am

By reading a Python Zone post in Javalobby, I would suggest to vote for Python language :D which to my surprise is not included in that amazing pack!

Liam Knox replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 6:03am

The author of this post would be a good start ;)

But in all seriousness this is totally typical of the inane rubbish that makes this site so crap recentley.

Wasn't just the look a feel that changed clearly the quality went to pot also.

Either its people regurgitating an API / documentation or some random meaningless poll. 

Erik Post replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 8:07am in response to: Liam Knox

I agree completely. Also, let's not forget the ridiculous typos all over the place. It's a shame, I used to enjoy the content here a lot.

Dale Wyttenbach replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 8:29am

Erik Post replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 9:40am in response to: Dale Wyttenbach

Thanks for taking the trouble to post that. It's nice to see someone provide thorough and specific criticism instead of random uninformed whining.

Neo Matrix replied on Sat, 2012/06/23 - 3:55am

i have voted for "other"  and that "other" is python.

python needs to die. How one can tolerate the whitespace sensitive blocks.It is just for mentally retarded. I can survive any language, but python is the worst fear of them all.  It is just a  trash mental idea to somehow tolerate it.

The indentation of source code is a IDE  issue, how one can link it to a language syntax. 

Liam Knox replied on Sat, 2012/06/23 - 4:42pm in response to: Erik Post

I think the criticism lies firmly with the original post.  What is its worth? Seriously.

David Sparks replied on Sun, 2012/06/24 - 6:33pm

Python is cool, if a bit confusing. Those who write in Python tend to fill the pages will comments to substitute for the missing syntax which normally reminds the programmer wtf they are writing about.

Python is in trouble. It would seem that Microsoft has a personal vendetta against Python. I have to keep multiple hidden copies of python32.dll and python32.lib and python32.exe because every update from Microsoft causes these to be deleted from my localhost server. Apache and PHP survive these attacks but I have to re-install the apache2php5_2.dll in the win32 directory to have them running again. This is only an issue for my 4 Dell 690 pc's which are running Window's 7 64bit, so I can run LabView and Adobe Masterpiece on dual FX Quadro 4500 cards. My server is a Linux Ubuntu running the desktop version with the usual 250HZ RTC, with all graphics stripped down and all games deleted. Linux does not attack any program that I know of but it is meant to be a server or rendering engine. Adobe and LabView do not even make versions of their app's for Linux.

This long-winded comment is just to clarify that Python is important because MySQL IDE and MySQL Server depend on huge libraries of .py and .pyc. That is why I installed the desktop version of Ubuntu instead of the Server version, so I could run the IDE version of MySQL.

LabView is far more advanced than all of these languages together, but it is best as a hypervisor or for robotics. It is also $5,000 per platform and does not compile to hex. All functions are in the shape of objects. You do not "write" any code. I use it as an "assistant" to scrape and compile pages and run ATE setup's and generate Captcha images. It will not likely ever be a server or client side solution. So....

Python is here to stay. Get used to it if you work with MySQL. It can be a wrapper for PHP which has a better "link" with Apache, but PHP does not have the horsepower of Python. Perl and Ruby only makes sense if you have about 10 years worth of sub-routine's already built up. 

Werner Keil replied on Tue, 2012/06/26 - 7:20am

Some bad ripp-offs from other JVM languages such as Kotlin probably should die.

Created purely to please the Egos of product developers and no real value to the community.

It clones C#, Scala, Ceylon and mostly Fantom while leaving important features there like Units or Duration behind. There's no real value to yet another JVM language. Its makers should probably stick to IDEs for other languages, something they do better;-) 

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Tue, 2012/06/26 - 11:44am in response to: Werner Keil

Interesting take, Werner.  I wonder if any of those young languages can even be considered "alive" yet, but I think you make some good points.

Serge Bureau replied on Wed, 2012/06/27 - 8:07am in response to: Werner Keil

I totally agree that Kotlin is useless. But as far as cloning Scala, you must be kidding

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