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Zembly is Shutting Down

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According to a goodbye letter, Sun's Web 2.0 effort, Zembly, is shutting down on November 30th.  The project allowed easy creation of Web apps using a browser-based development environment.  It was used to create web widgets and applications for the iPhone, Facebook, Meebo, OpenSocial, and other social platforms.

The Zembly team had heartfelt words in their goodbye note to users.  The note expressed great pride in the accomplishments of the Zembly project.  According to the post, "the ideas we [Zembly] were incubating around platform-mediated Web applications, Web API mashups, and social programming were brand new.  It's heartening to see that many of the best ideas pioneered in zembly have started to appear elsewhere. With your support, we're proud to have contributed to the DNA of the Web."  The Zembly team touted Sun's NetBeans IDE as a substitute for the Zembly platform after it's gone.

The Zembly platform allowed developers to consume Web APIs in Zembly applications and with the open source Zembly client library, providing a consistent programming model across various API providers.  Zembly combined the features of traditional IDEs and social-networking technologies for innovative application development. Applications created at Zembly are automatically and transparently deployed, hosted, and scaled on its underlying cloud computing infrastructure.

Zembly also ran within Sun's cloud computing organization.  Applications were hosted on's cloud then automatically and transparently deployed and scaled on cloud computing infrastructure.  Zembly was built on Sun technologies such as Solaris 10, Java, the GlassFish application server, and MySQL.

All of the applications and services on Zembly will be unavailable after November 30th.  Developers will have until then to take their widget and application code off of Zembly if they want to save it.  3rd party APIs bundled in Zembly will also be unavailable after the suspension date.  API keys can be copied and saved before Zembly shuts down but contact information cannot be saved.  Any applications relying on the Zembly Client Library (ZCL) will have to make code changes since ZCL is also shutting down.
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Vikrant Kumar C... replied on Fri, 2009/11/13 - 12:05am

So Sad...

Mohamed El-beltagy replied on Sat, 2009/11/14 - 5:35am

I wounder.. Does "Oracle Buying Sun" has anything to do with this??

I really do hope not.

Simone Ferri replied on Mon, 2009/11/16 - 2:38am in response to: Mohamed El-beltagy

I also think that...the only interesting thing for Oracle is to compete with IBM...

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