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Who has the Best Cloud? Developers Weigh In

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Over 400 software developers recently ranked leading cloud service providers in a study released today by Evans Data Corp.  The survey gauged opinions on security, scalability, ability to execute, adoption, reliability, and value.  The developers also rated whether service providers offered better private or public cloud spaces.

Here's what the developers thought:

  • Strongest private cloud
  • Well-marketed
  • High reliability
  • Most secure

  • Well-known
  • Dedicated to public clouds
  • Highest rating in scalability, reliability, value, and low latency
  • More developers expect to be using Google in the next 12 months

  • Most complete solution
  • Earliest provider; trusted
  • Dedicated to public clouds
  • High security and value ratings

  • More current adopters
  • Complete set of cloud offerings
  • Suited for either public or private
  • Less confidence in cloud services

Chart- Perceptions of companies as private or public clouds

 Companies seen as having better public or private clouds

Here are some thoughts researchers had on the lower ranked companies:

With only one year in the market, AT&T's scores suffer from low recognition.  However, their existing infrastructure gives them a huge advantage in the long-term.  

Mainly focused on private enterprise clouds.  Not well known by developers.

Open source cloud service management environment that supports Ruby and PHP.  Cloud services are very new and the company is still not well known.

Better known for server hosting.  Excellent hosting ability gives them an edge in selling and providing cloud services.  

Does work mainly through partners.  Tendency to steer away from developers.  

Known for XEN open source virtualization products.  Not as well known for cloud hosting.  

Has a strong reputation in the developer community.  However, the recent sale to Oracle may have effected developers perceptions.


Chart- Cloud provider's percieved completeness of solution and ability to execute

Completeness of solution and ability to execute

The full report can be viewed for free here


  • What are your thoughts and experiences with these different cloud service providers?  Are there other factors to consider?  Do languages (Java, Ruby, .NET, etc.) work better or worse with certain cloud providers?



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Vladimir Bodnar... replied on Fri, 2009/10/09 - 4:31am

It's interesting ! But can you explain me the difference between public and private cloud ?

Yogesh Kumawat replied on Wed, 2014/07/09 - 5:38am

 Has a solid fame in the developer neighborhood.  Nevertheless, the fresh bargain to Soothsayer might contain effected developers insights. Cheap tablet accessories

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