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What Would You Ask the Web Framework Experts?

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At the end of this month, I'll be moderating a Java Web Framework Smackdown at TSSJS in Vegas. I wasn't able to secure the boxing bell I used at a similar event at OSCON 2005, but I found one better on eBay today. See photo on right. ;-)

The following frameworks will be represented on this panel (+ possibly a few more if there's additional framework experts at the show):

  • Struts 2
  • Spring MVC
  • Grails
  • JRuby on Rails
  • Seam/JSF
  • Wicket

I suspect we may get folks representing GWT and Flex as well.

If you had an opportunity to be in the audience of this panel, what question(s) would you ask?

I have a few that I'm interested in personally, but I'd also like to hear your thoughts. If you post your question as a comment and leave your name, I'll make sure and give you credit during the session.

Speaking of sessions, I think all the Web Framework presentations are going to be top-notch. I've asked all the speakers to talk about their nearest competition to compare and contrast. I also think it's a good way for framework authors to prove they're not working heads down without considering how others do things. I have a small glimmer of hope that this may inspire further framework consolidation, but I doubt that'll happen. You can learn more about the Framework Impasse track I've helped assemble by listening to a 10-minute Sneak Peek Podcast I did with TSS.

Are you coming to the show? There's a raffle to win free travel - maybe you could ask your questions in person?

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JS Bournival replied on Thu, 2008/03/06 - 9:20pm

I would be interested in hearing about the overall performances of each framework.  We now know about the boost in productivity some of these frameworks are providing, but is Grails or JRuby suffering from the overhead their respective dynamic language are adding?

John Denver replied on Thu, 2008/03/06 - 11:17pm

A few months ago I bashed Grails and Groovy but after spending sometime using it I'm getting to like it a lot, it is easy and powerful to work with Groovy/Grails, But I'm interested on the performance side of it.

Also I think Tapestry 5 is a great web framework and have very good performance, I would like to know how it performs compared with other web frameworks. Also I want to know more about JSF 2.0 it looks promising.

Matt Raible replied on Thu, 2008/03/06 - 11:32pm

Sidewinder - do you have more specific questions I could pose? The ones in your comment seem somewhat vague.

Felix replied on Fri, 2008/03/07 - 6:57am

I'd definitely like to know how these web frameworks would position themselves in relation to Web Beans.

Web Beans is going through JSR process & due to be released soon. On top of that it seems to gain acceptance, especially with JEE 6 talk about including Web Beans in one of their profile.

Except for Seam (of course), would other web frameworks consider Web Beans integration? If no, would they have a reason not to?

Being a long time Webwork fan, I'm really hoping the Struts 2 developers would consider Web Beans integration. The conversation scope, as well as the bijection is really too handy to miss.

And btw Matt, thanks for opening up a forum like this.

Frank Silbermann replied on Fri, 2008/03/07 - 9:21am

I would ask them how their framework makes the creation of a re-usable component that specializes the behavior of an existing component as trivially easy as subclassing a Swing fat-client component.

Rui Campos replied on Fri, 2008/03/07 - 11:39am

I would ask what is in their opinion the key characteristic that differentiates that framework from the others and may be the main reason for a developer team to choose their framework instead of the others.

Btw, good luck with your panel.

Chris Maki replied on Wed, 2008/03/19 - 2:08pm

I would like to know what each framework thinks about the various scopes introduced by Seam, e.g. conversation vs request or session.  Also, I'd like to know if/when they would include these additional "scopes." If they will add these additional scopes will they also provide some sort of concurrency control (like what seam offers today)?


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