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Using structures/maps instead of arrays in ORM

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By default an ORM relationship is an array. Using a structure (map for non-ColdFusion programmers) is very easy and provides nice options. Lets start with a simple relationship between of users and addresses.
component persistent="true" {
property name="userId" fieldtype="id" generated="always" generator="native";
property name="name" ormtype="string";

property name="address" fieldtype="one-to-many" cfc="address" fkcolumn="userId" inverse="true";
component persistent="true" {
property name="addressId" fieldtype="id" generated="always" generator="native";
property name="type" ormtype="string";
property name="street" ormtype="string";
property name="city" ormtype="string";
property name="state" ormtype="string";

property name="user" fieldtype="many-to-one" cfc="user";

A single user object with two addresses would look like this:

Now, if we want to find out if the user has a work address we need to loop through getAddress(). Thats ok but by converting the relationship to a struct its possible to then use structure functions. Here is the relationship in User.cfc defined to return a structure:

property name="address" fieldtype="one-to-many" cfc="address" fkcolumn="userId" inverse="true"
    type="struct" structkeycolumn="type";

A dump of the user object now looks like:

Which means we can use code like this, in particular line 3:

<cfset u = entityLoad("user")>
<cfloop array="#u#" index="user">
    <cfif structKeyExists( user.getAddress(), "work" )>
        <cfdump var="#user.getAddress()["work"]#">

For reference here is the Application.cfc to set up Hibernate/ORM:

this.ormsettings = { dbcreate="update" };

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Mark Unknown replied on Fri, 2011/05/27 - 9:31am

Can dzone possibly get a Coldfusion Zone and have these sorts of posts put under it versus the Java Zone? I read the title and i was like ... what is he talking about? Hibernate uses collections and so does JPA ... Then I opened it and saw Coldfusion and said oh, that is why. Sigh.

Kathy John replied on Tue, 2012/02/21 - 1:23pm

That's an excellent post thanks. I often forget that you can use structs for relationships, probably because I never really put much thought into the possible use cases for it.

This makes really great sense, and is an excellent approach.

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