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Tomcat 7 Beta Already Works on Tcat Server

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Just two weeks after the first beta release of Apache Tomcat 7, MuleSoft has already designed today's latest release of the Tcat Server (6.0 R3) to run Tomcat 7 instances.  This latest release is also more deeply integrated with Windows services.  Other new features include more streamlined user interaction, the ability to import and export of third party server profiles, simplified diagnostics data, and a deployment model that makes running Tomcat applications faster and simpler.

Tcat server
takes pure Apache Tomcat and adds enterprise-caliber deployment, config management, and diagnostics features.  Large-scale environments with 20-40 Tomcat instances can be very tough to manage without enterprise-grade tooling.  WAR files must be copied manually, configuring each individual instance causes errors and takes time, and people tend to restart Tomcat before it shuts down cleanly.  With so many Tomcat servers to manage, human error starts to factor into the equation, so Tcat server provides rollback capabilities and other management features to mitigate these errors.

Tcat server can run many different versions of Tomcat at once.  Imagine Tomcat 7.0 in the mix too.

Here are the detailed new features in today's release:

  • Full support for Apache Tomcat 7 beta - Enables the management of Tomcat 7 instances from the Tcat Server console. Tcat Server R3 is currently the only web application server to support the latest three major versions of Tomcat.
  • Import/Export of server profiles - Makes it easy to share and maintain a consistent set of configurations (e.g., for a specific application) across multiple environments and store a 'Gold' configuration profile for record keeping.
  • Better integration with Windows services-  Lets Windows administrators run and manage Tomcat without logging into the server, making Tcat Server part of their operation process.
  • Simplified user interaction - New UI includes a more simplified presentation of diagnostics data and improved navigation.
  • Improved deployment model - Reduces the number of steps involved in deployment, allowing users to quickly deploy, undeploy, and redeploy web applications to servers and groups.

Tcat Server 6 R3 is immediately available, and is free to use in development and pre-production environments.  Production subscriptions start at $595 per CPU per year.


Markai Olgerham replied on Tue, 2010/07/13 - 9:07am

Interesting, thank you!

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