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Thread-safe state handling

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Handling mutable state and side-effects in multi-threaded code can be a challenge, perhaps more of a challenge than you might think. In my latest blog entry I explore some issues and options, especially how the State pattern can help.
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Artur Biesiadowski replied on Thu, 2008/03/20 - 11:41am

Have you done any tests if your state pattern is faster then plain synchronization? It will probably depend on number of concurrent threads modifying/reading the state. It should be faster in at least some of the cases, otherwise plain synchronize or java.util.Concurrent lock is probably better solution (a lot simplier and no ugly things like 'Off extends Lamp').

Torbjörn Gannholm replied on Fri, 2008/03/21 - 4:46am in response to: Artur Biesiadowski

You're right on Artur, I haven't tested it for speed, so I don't know those trade-offs. I "discovered" the pattern in some real code I was writing and the point was that it made the functionality a lot easier to analyze and prove correct.
I suspect the speed aspect varies from case to case and depending on usage patterns.

Ash Mughal replied on Thu, 2012/01/26 - 2:12am

Thread safety is a programming concept applicable in the context of programs that are multi threaded. A piece of code is thread-safe if it only manipulates shared data structures in a manner that guarantees safe execution by multiple threads at the same time. There are various strategies for making thread-safe data structures

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