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Star This! Tell Google You Want Java/Groovy in GAE

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Van Riper posted a good suggestion the other day which may warrant your attention. If you'd like to see support for Java and/or Groovy added to the new Google App Engine, then here's something you should do. Head on over to Google Code and "star" this issue. It's easy and quick, and your input there will send a clear signal to the powers-that-be in the Googleplex that you'd like Java/Groovy support to be added. Please note Van's request:

Important Note: Please do *not* add a "+1" comment to this issue like many others have already done. All that is necessary is to star the issue. Comments are intended to provide more information about an issue and everyone that stars an issue sees these comments. So, it ends up generating essentially spam email for everyone that has starred the issue.

There are over 300 stars there already, and with your help the number will climb. Add your star now, and pass the word along.


Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Fri, 2008/04/11 - 11:23am

Why is Groovy being put at the same level as Java. Include Java, yes, but why does it automatically have to be Java/Groovy? Java is big and is everywhere. Groovy is an arbitrary language like the other JVM languages. When you get Java, you automatically get Groovy, because Groovy compiles to Java (under the hood).

It's the same as saying. "We want Java/JPython support".


Andres Almiray replied on Fri, 2008/04/11 - 11:38am in response to: Mike P(Okidoky)

Mike, I'm afraid that is not the case. Groovy requires (at the moment) a full Java SE runtime, that is why it can't run on Google's Android. So if Google decides to use Dalvik for GAE then Groovy won't run but Java will, get it? Same thing may happen with other prominent JVM languages (Scala, JRuby, Jython), stating that Java is supported in Xyz doesn't mean that those languages are fully supported too. I understand that (at least) Groovy is not on your popular side but there are many others who would like to see it o n GAE, specially as we consider it a complement/enhancement for Java (the language) and not a replacement. My $0.02

Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Fri, 2008/04/11 - 12:25pm in response to: Andres Almiray

I was assuming that when we're talking about Java, we mean full SE Java, unless stated otherwise. When someone refers to the micro edition of Java, they should have said J2ME, not just "Java".

It's really high time, that we see Java everywhere and do away with J2ME for devices where feasible. With modern gadgets made suitable to show eye candy, they probably have enough horsepower and memory for Java to be perfectly feasible.

Again, I'm thinking of modern mobiles to be pocket desktops. 

Dave Klein replied on Fri, 2008/04/11 - 2:25pm

Thanks for posting this Rick! After struggling in 2nd or 3rd place on the list for the past few days it's now number one! I'm sure that's due, in large part, to the exposure here on DZone.


Raphael Miranda replied on Fri, 2008/04/11 - 2:54pm

There's a request for full jvm support here which would be much better having full support of all java technology stack.

James Imber replied on Sat, 2008/04/12 - 2:31am


I really wish that they support Java in one form or another. Scalability is such a hard thing that in the end you spend more time thinking about scalability issues than thinking about features for the site!

I see a great future for Google App Engine!

Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Sat, 2008/04/12 - 5:11pm

Believe it or not, there are still some shops, perhaps Microsoft oriented shops, that still think Java is an unusable pig. Some still actually think that Java is interpreted which automatically makes it very slow. People that run those companies often get their opinions from the passionate individuals that work for them. A couple of wrong misinformed and ignorant vibes, and next thing you know you have no hope in hell selling any ideas that involve the word Java.  People are emotional beings, which often overrides any objectivity.

Us, the Java community should have a prime elite showcase with demos, screen shots, and links, to help sell Java. I think that after all these years, we still need this. I know there are places like the swing connection, but which ones are active, look good, and are impressive. We should have our own show case.

Werner Keil replied on Mon, 2008/04/14 - 5:31am

So far only Python seems to be part of GAE.

Not sure, if that means a great future, but if they manage to add more (important) languages like Java, then it certainly should have a much brighter future, then let's say Apple's iPhone SDK ;-)

Vadim Voituk replied on Tue, 2008/04/15 - 3:18am

1176 already!

Java & Groovy - The first  !

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