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SpringSource tc Server: Tomcat for the Enterprise

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At SpringOne this week, SpringSource announced the release of SpringSource tc Server, which gives Tomcat some of those enterprise class features that it was previously missing, that forced some people to stick with their traditional, more heavyweight JEE server.

Having acquired Covalent in 2008, SpringSource added a lot more to their own product offerings with Apache Tomcat at the fore. What are these enterprise class features? 

  • Application management
    • List applications running in a distributed collection of server instances
    • Target, deploy and undeploy applications to distributed server instance
    • Start, stop and reload applications running for distributed server instances
    • Control web application parameters like caching, JSP behavior, and serving of static content
  • Server configuration and management
    • Remote configuration control for server instances:
    • Configure JDBC Data Sources and connection pools
    • Define virtual hosts, access logs and integration with web servers
    • Configure JVM server start parameters like Java heap size and garbage collection characteristics
    • Define server groups (tc Server or Tomcat instances)
  • Advanced server diagnostics
    • Application thread lock detection provides warnings when threads compete for restricted resources in a way that would compromise application integrity
    • Configurable automatic and on-demand thread and heap dumping for failure and exception analysis
    • Thread to URL association for faster diagnosis when analyzing problems with request processing

 So, if you're using a legacy application server, and using Spring, now is a great chance to migrate over to a Tomcat-like offering.

In other news from SpringOne, the SpringSource Tool Suite, for building Spring applications in an Eclipse environment, is now free to all. This release, with it's updated licence, will be available from May 7.

Overall, it looks like SpringSource is continuing to become a major player in the Java community. With tc Server available, will IBM find it more difficult to sell WebSphere? 

Reference: http://blog.springsource.com/2009/04/28/springsource-tc-server-the-logical-next-step/


Otengi Miloskov replied on Thu, 2009/04/30 - 4:38pm

It is open source?, If not? no thanks , I dont want more propetary and lock-in products that are made from the same source over and over. I better go to use straight Tomcat with JSP,Servlets and an ORM than to use those frameworks that just lock you in the way they work.

Im not interested in reuse. OOP failed. Im interested on get the things done with the more aforable price posible for my customers.

I hope Oracle does not hurt GlassFish because is the only decent thing left for Java developers.


Andrew McVeigh replied on Thu, 2009/04/30 - 6:37pm in response to: Otengi Miloskov

>I dont want more propetary and lock-in products that are made from the same source over and over.

The tcserver stuff isn't like that. You program to the spring DM model (which is open source), and the tcserver stuff provides better configuration and manageability options (apparently, i haven't tried it myself). So, you could take any code you've written out of a tcserver environment, in principle, and drop it into tomcat, and all you'd lose (!) are the enterprise management features.

There was some article here the other day looking at what it took to port a project from tcserver over to straight tomcat, if I recall correctly. It didn't look too bad.

Rambo Ramalama replied on Thu, 2009/05/07 - 6:53am

glass fishy glass fishy yeah yeah yeah! it don't get no plainer you're my container! yeah yeah yeah don't need no springy don't need no thingy no no no! I like to watch you swimmy swimmy yeah yeah yeah!  I say I like to watch you swimmy swimmy yeah yeah yeah! you're optimized for NIO and it makes me goo goo gaggio! the only springin' there's gonna be is from tomcat to my glass fishy! yeah yeah yeah!

James Walker replied on Sun, 2012/10/14 - 6:59am

Thread to URL association for faster diagnosis when analyzing problems with request processing click here

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