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SpringOne 2GX Kicks Off with Spring 3.0 release

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The release of the Spring 3.0 and a free developer edition of the SpringSource Tomcat Server will be announced today at the SpringOne 2GX conference.  The new version of Spring's Java framework will be fully Java 5 based and have early support for Java EE 6.  The SpringSource tc Server developer edition will feature a dashboard with real-time Spring application metrics.

Shaun Connolly, VP of Product Management at SpringSource, spoke with DZone about the SpringOne 2GX conference.  He said that the "2GX" in the conference name stands for "Groovy" and "Grails," which are two of SpringSource's most popular tools.  Connolly says the focus of the SpringOne 2GX conference will be developer agility.  Here are some of the major features of the two new releases:

Spring 3.0:

  • Early support for Java EE 6:
  • Support for JSF 2.0 and JPA 2.0
  • Early support for the JSR-330 specification for dependency injection in Java
  • Spring expression language (SpEL) - a core expression parser for use in bean definitions
  • Extended support for annotation-based components
  • Spring-style setup of a JSR-303 Bean validation provider
  • Enhanced binding and formatting facilities
  • Comprehensive REST support
  • Object/XML Mapping (OXM)
  • Servlet 3.0 to be fully supported in the Spring 3.1/3.2 timeframe. 
  • Backward-compatible with Spring 2.5

SpringSource Tool Suite - Integrated with SpringSource tc Server

SpringSource tc Server - Developer Edition

SpringSource tc Server is an Apache Tomcat-compatible platform.  The developer version will feature the Spring Insight console PIC dashboard, which gives you a view of real-time Spring application performance metrics.  The developer version is already integrated with the SpringSource Tool Suite and is Eclipse-powered.  Shaun Connolly says one of the best things about SpringSource's Tomcat server is its ability to isolate a transaction trace and quickly jump to the portion of code that is causing a problem.  Connolly says that SpringSource will continue its work on these projects along with the development of SpringRoo and integration with VMware's virtualization infrastructure.
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Pether Sorling replied on Mon, 2009/10/19 - 4:16pm

Citizen Intelligence Agency will be updated once spring 3.0 is actually available, provides a sample maven setup for spring 3.0 together with latest hibernate 3.5.0.Beta-1.

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