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Oracle Says EC Will Approve Sun Merger "Unconditionally"

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Two sources claimed today that the Oracle-Sun merger is going to be approved by the European Commission and Oracle President Safra Catz later released this statement:  "'We expect the European Commission to unconditionally clear the acquisition of Sun in January.  I want to thank all of our customers for the overwhelming support they have given us during this process.'"  One source, the New York Post, made a false claim several days ago that Oracle would put a "firewall" between MySQL and the rest of the company to push the deal through, but the Oracle statement nearly confirms this most recent development.  The Post's report says EC chair, Neelie Kroes, approved the acquisition after Oracle agreed to contribute $24 million in annual funding for MySQL over the next three years.  Oracle must also form an "advisory group of MySQL customers," the report says.  According to the sources, all that's left now is the paperwork, which should be finalized early next month.  However, these reports don't reflect the Oracle President's prediction of an unconditional approval. 

DZone will continue covering this recent development and report more details as they become available.


Thierry Milard replied on Thu, 2009/12/17 - 5:31pm

If only Sun could blame its problems not because of EEC regulation (sorry guys I am European) but because of bad execution.

I am a java front-end developer  and Sun-Microsystem  after 2 years of "communications" :

- has still of too slow java runtime startup (n°1 issue we all know that) when you compare to flash

- has a 'new' javaFx front end developer language/Tool that has not yet convinced people.


Just hope in 2010 Sun-MS just kills communication budget to hire good front end developers and designers.

We developers dream and beleive in beautifull Softwares, not in "communications" and lobying.




Felipe Gaúcho replied on Fri, 2009/12/18 - 3:41am

* $24 million in annual funding for MySQL over the next three years. * Oracle must also form an "advisory group of MySQL customers Sound nice ... 72 million dollars in three years sound money enough to support a global project. That's what SUN and all its products is needing right now, a lot of money and a stable perspective for the near future ... let's see......

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