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soapUI 2.0.2: Comprehensive web services dev/testing tool updated

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soapUI is the leading free and open source desktop application for inspecting, invoking, developing, simulating/mocking and functional/load/compliance testing of web services over HTTP. It is mainly aimed at developers/testers providing and/or consuming web services (Java, .net, etc). Functional and Load-Testing can be done both interactively in soapUI or within an automated build/integration process using the soapUI command-line tools. Mock Web Services can easily be created for any WSDL and hosted from within soapUI or using the command-line MockService runner. IDE-plugins are available for eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans. soapUI requires Java 1.5 and is licensed under the LGPL license.

eviware is happy to announce soapUI 2.0.2 which includes a large number of bug-fixes and updated versions of all IDE (NetBeans, Eclipse, IDEA) and command-line (maven 1.X/2.X) plug-ins.

Major issues fixed are:
- Fixed -n option for commandline LoadTestRunner (was incorrectly -h)
- Fixed internal initialization of copied/cloned testcases/teststeps and during loadtesting
- Improved Aut/Header inspectors to be visible for form/overview views
- Fixed quoting of SOAP 1.2 Action in content-type header
- Improved opening of local files in external browser (reports, etc)
- Fixed initialization of custom RequestFilters
- Fixed script-evaluation in MockResponses to allow modification of the responseContent
- Fixed logging/display of failed MockRequests
- Fixed caching of external WSDLs in SchemaComplianceAssertion if another URL was used
- Fixed attribute handling with wildcards
- Fixed NPE on empty response messages
- Fixed a number of typos
- Updated to trunk version of XMLBeans which fixes corruption of project-files on save
- Updated to full version of xercesImpl 2.9.1 for full JAXP functionality
- etc..

Download the release and related plug-ins from sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=136013

soapUI Pro also has a small amount of additional fixes, read more and download from http://www.eviware.com/content/view/105/1/

soapUI is also available as a commercial version, soapUI Pro, which adds extensive professional support and a large number of productivity enhancements and unique features to the soapUI feature set.

As always huge thanks to you all reporting and testing for making soapUI better and better!


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Meera Subbarao replied on Tue, 2008/01/29 - 11:38am

Hi Ole,

You guys have an awesome tool there. Thanks for letting us know about this version. 



Tarik Filali Ansary replied on Wed, 2008/01/30 - 3:34am


Really a  nice Job. One of my favorite Web Services Testing tool.


-- In IT we trust --

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