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SAP CTO Calls For Java Freedom

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Vishal Sikka, CTO at SAP has made a call for Java to be opened up for the community in his latest blog entry. Having incorporated Java into their NetWeaver platform back in 2001, SAP see Java as having a huge role in the global IT industry and that this will continue. 

For 15 years, Java has been a programming language that brought about significant innovation. Java is everywhere, from large scale enterprise applications to mobile devices and payment cards.  Java is also the language of the community, enabling a whole generation of developers to collaborate and co-innovate within open source communities like Apache and Eclipse. 

Ownership is at the core of Vishal's message, and he would rather see Java to be under the stewardship of an open body, rather than biased by a single corporation. With Oracle taking charge, they are in a position where they could open up the JCP. One of the most interesting points made in this article is that they have already requested that it should be more open: 

 "It is the sense of the Executive Committee that the JCP become an open independent vendor-neutral Standards Organization where all members participate on a level playing field ..."

JCP EC meeting summary - December 7th 2007, Resolution 1 (proposed by Oracle, seconded by BEA)

Taking a look at the #freejava tag on Twitter, most people seem to agree with Vishal's comments. Where Java goes from here will be interesting.

Reference: http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/weblogs


Armin Ehrenreich replied on Tue, 2009/11/10 - 8:35am

These are very uncertain times for Java. Sun is collapsing and the acquisition by Oracle seems not to come soon. I think the best solution for the future of Java would be to transform the JCP in an independent organization thereby enabling investments from many members to keep Java prospering. And I hope there will be some solution for Netbeans too. It is such a handy IDE.

Raphael Valyi replied on Tue, 2009/11/10 - 9:32am

lol, the CEO of one of the less open ERP ever, SAP, is calling for Java openness? Seriously, Do those guys think 2 secs before blogging such posts?

Mark Haniford replied on Tue, 2009/11/10 - 11:40am

Java is already open.  This guy should get a clue.

Mark Haniford replied on Tue, 2009/11/10 - 11:55am

How about SAP develops a language, runtime, libraries, frameworks, and then just gives it away to some "independent organization". 

 The nerve of these people never ceases to amaze me.

Casper Bang replied on Tue, 2009/11/10 - 3:45pm in response to: Mark Haniford

Try to tell that to Apache!

Kristian Rink replied on Tue, 2009/11/10 - 4:25pm

+1, no second thought... especially as he is not really talking about "free" or open code but rather about an open approach towards standardization and development of language itself. for what I see, indeed the JCP by now is pretty much dominated by Sun. Sun being in uncertain times due to the (pending?) acquisition by Oracle, the JCP itself also is somehow pending... which in the end could end up right where Sun never wanted Java to be - a fragmented environment lacking some body of standardization similar to what the JCP was intended to be. Maybe it hasn't always worked out well, but from that point of view, the claim the SAP guy makes in his blog post is perfectly valid and could keep Java protected from a lot of (meaningless, because politically not technically caused) FUD.

Mark Haniford replied on Tue, 2009/11/10 - 5:28pm in response to: Casper Bang

Tell Apache that some "independent organization" should be in charge of the Apache web server now.

Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Wed, 2009/11/11 - 6:02pm

Java is open source, right? rriigghhtt???

We should be immune from Microsoft feeding FUD and lies to the EU in an effort to harm Java indirectly, right?

Hantsy Bai replied on Sun, 2009/11/15 - 7:33am

SAP, please make your ERP freedom...

IBM,  please submit your JDK to Apache...and open your Webphere AS...

I do not why so much noise about Sun and Java?

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