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Perfectionism: Another Comic Inspired by Rick :-)

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Several days ago Rick Ross challenged me with a topic for a new poem... Perfectionism... Hmmm... It's been tough, I must say, and for many days I've been thinking of it, somewhere in background. And yesterday in the evening, sitting in Prague - in a nice cafe by the river, with a beautiful view - I came up with this one...

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Ann Oreshnikova.


Rick Ross replied on Mon, 2008/02/18 - 8:48am

Great question, and well-posed, Ann! If you remember, I quoted another Zone Leader, Dan Wilson, who says, "There are two kinds of programs you can develop: programs that are perfect and programs that get finished!"

After 25 years of this, I admire perfection with great affection, but I'll flirt with finished any time.

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