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Oracle Releases Eclipse Pack For Helios

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Oracle just shipped its latest 11g Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, which now supports Eclipse 3.6 "Helios".  The new release also extends Oracle product capabilities such as WebLogic application server's admin features, Oracle Coherence features, and GlassFish support in Eclipse environments.  The Eclipse pack is a free set of plugins for building Java EE and Web Services applications for the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.

Eclipse and JEE 6
Along with support for the latest Eclipse platform release, the Enterprise Pack also includes tools to leverage Java EE 6 components like JSF 2.0, Servlet 3.0, EJB 3.1, and JPA 2.0.

Eclipse 3.6 users can now develop, run and debug against Oracle Coherence.  Tools that have been upgraded for this release include Coherence launch configurations (to streamline debugging and deployment), project facet (to enable project and library configuration), and override descriptor, which comes with wizards, validation, and integrated help for the Coherence Override configuration file.  

WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)
The WebLogic server administration support for Eclipse has added full syntax highlighting, validation, and code completion for WLST scripts in the PyDev-based Python/Jython IDE.  You can now define and reuse WLST templates, and the new WLST integrated help makes it easier to access documentation for WLST commands.  This Enterprise Pack also comes with an integrated WLST console, which provides debugging tools and script execution from within Eclipse - either online or offline.  Finally, there's the MBean explorer, which visualizes the MBean tree, providing easy drag-and-drop to the WLST script.

Other WebLogic tools
The new Enterprise pack comes with a JDBC deployment descriptor editor for graphical editing of the JDBC DataSource configuration.  It includes wizards, schema validation, and integrated context sensitive help.  The new WebLogic Server Web Services annotations editor has configuration and data binding wizards for JAXWS annotations.

The new Enterprise Pack also includes full support for the Oracle GlassFish Server in Eclipse projects.  

You can download the new Enterprise Pack here