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JMatter: Great Looking Swing Front-ends for Your DB Back-ends

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JMatter is a software framework for constructing workgroup business applications based on the Naked Objects Architectural Pattern. By following this pattern developers concentrate efforts in the domain and leave the common and generic taks to the framework, like persistence, ui scaffolding, reporting; in a similar way as the (G)Rails frameworks do for web applications. JMatter uses Swing as main view technology, allowing developers to experience the productivity acceleration of (G)Rails on the desktop.

A new release of the JMatter framework has been announced.

Download | Changelog

This release includes many interesting features like

  • A Quicksilver (MacOsX) or Gnome-do (Linux) interface for quick command invocation
  • Per command icons, great addition to the quicksilver interface
  • Map support through swingx-ws, you can map any domain class that follows the conventions to be mappable
  • Support "legacy' database schemas, in other words your domain adjusts to a previously existing db
  • JMatter Application Browser (early stages), think of it as an application hub, capable of downloading, installing and managing JMatter applications on the host machine
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Alejandro Dobniewski replied on Wed, 2008/02/06 - 8:03am

I tried the webstart demo. It had some redrawing problems when changing themes.

Eitan Suez replied on Wed, 2008/02/06 - 4:58pm in response to: Alejandro Dobniewski

the live webstart demo is somewhat old.  i need to update it to use the latest  version of jmatter.  the dynamic look and feel change was removed from the ui.  the jmatter ui can be set to use any valid swing look and feel on startup.  thanks.

Eitan Suez replied on Thu, 2008/02/07 - 2:31pm in response to: Eitan Suez


i published an updated copy of the contact manager demo application that uses the latest version of the framework (and updated the link at )

the direct link to the jnlp file is:

with this one, you should be able to try out the visual command interface (bound to ctrl-i kbdshortcut) 

thanks, / eitan 

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