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NetBeans Running Eclipse Bundles?

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 I was amazed to see Jaroslav Tulach demo NetBeans running Mylyn's Bugzilla bundle. His experiment is part of a plan to have NetBeans interoperate with OSGI. What is fascinating is that these module systems that were developed independently for different purposes; yet, they have enough similarity that they can be integrated so easily (not to trivialize Jaroslav's work).

Check out the video:

This bodes well for the Java Module system in JDK7.

We will see people creating "Java Modules" instead of Maven/NetBeans/Eclipse(Equanox)/Felix.....

Not that the dependencies wont still be there but there will be the definition of a standard that will make it easier to pick and choose the best components.

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Fabrizio Giudici replied on Sun, 2010/03/07 - 6:16pm

Well, unfortunately this is not so easy. You're right, component systems are a great advance in software technology and foster reuse; even when you have two different component frameworks, such as OSGi and the NetBeans Platform, it's likely that they share enough common characteristic so that it's possible to have them to interoperate. But the problem are the dependencies indeed; for instance, a refactoring module for Eclipse and NetBeans depends on the project model APIs, that are very different in the two IDEs.

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