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MyEclipse 8.5 - More Team-Friendly

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If you haven't heard of MyEclipse, it's basically commercial bundling of Eclipse that comes with additional tools (Java EE tools, for example) at a pretty affordable price.  The makers of MyEclipse at Genuitec decided to bring the Pulse 3.0 team on board for the development of MyEclipse 8.5.  Their goal was to build a dashboard that would give development teams a clutter-free overview of software projects.  The fruits of their labor can be seen in the first milestone for MyEclipse 8.5, which was just released by Genuitec.  MyEclipse 8.5 comes with new dashboard functionality and a new look and feel.  JSF improvements are also included in the first milestone.

The main new feature of MyEclipse 8.5 is the dashboard, which is called the Configuration Center.  The Configuration Center includes several tabs where developers can see all of their software, workspaces, team changes, and pending events.  The ability to manage software has been enhanced, allowing team members to makes changes to the profile.  Team leaders still have administrative control over what updates happen and when.  They can also manage team member permissions for editing shared configurations.

On the dashboard, users can install, update, or uninstall plug-ins for the workbench from any custom Eclipse update site and from the existing "most popular" software catalog.  Users can also install and update MyEclipse modules just by clicking a checkbox.  The Configuration Center lets users create and share workbench configurations (software, projects, preferences, etc.).  It only takes a few clicks to get workbench configurations up and running on another team member's computer.  Since development configurations are stored in the cloud, users can access them on multiple machines and know that they are backed up.  Teams can stay in sync with shared preferences.  They can also review and apply incoming changes for shared configurations.

MyEclipse 8.5 Configuration Manager

The Pulse 3.0 engine is a key reason why MyEclipse 8.5's new dashboard was possible.  Pulse is also produced by Genuitec and it allows users to create and load configured profiles.  The profiles can be shared immediately with friends or coworkers.   Pulse efficiently locates and installs a user's Eclipse-based tool suite.  Many external software vendors participate in the Powered by Pulse network, giving users a free catalog of software options.

Along with new management tools, MyEclipse 8.5 has improved JavaServer Faces tooling.  faces-config.xml will catch invalid navigation rules and there is better support for managed bean navigation.  For more complex pages, content-assist performance has been enhanced.  For Facelets, JSF 1.2-specific tags are included and CTRL-click navigation for EL expressions is now supported.  The JSP validator for pages using ICEfaces taglibs has also been improved.

The production release of MyEclipse 8.5 is scheduled for March.  Subscriptions to MyEclipse are available annually for about $30, $50 or $150 for the Standard, Professional, and Blue Editions respectively.  Here is a features comparison chart for the three editions.


Henk De Boer replied on Thu, 2010/01/07 - 3:01pm

Will it be possible for people who somehow don't like Pulse to still avoid it in ME 8.5?

Pulse has been installed alongside ME since a few versions (6.5 orso), and one could avoid it being installed by using the archived update site. Will this still be possible?

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Thu, 2010/01/07 - 8:09pm in response to: Henk De Boer

Pulse is still a separate tool. The Pulse development team just helped the ME development team make the new dashboard feature in ME 8.5.

Jasper Floor replied on Fri, 2010/01/08 - 5:32am

Is it still true that the dashboard is only available for profesional the profesional edition? If so won't this make it impossible for standard edition users to manage plugins?

Jason OKeefe replied on Thu, 2010/01/14 - 10:36am

Henk - Pulse has improved significantly with the release of Pulse 3.0, which is intergrated into MyEclipse 8.5 M1. You can always use older versions of MyEclipse if you want to avoid Pulse - Genuitec supports MyEclipse back to version 5.5. Look at the bottom of this page, link below, and you'll see the older versions. 

Older versions: 

Reijer - The new Pulse dashboad is available in all editions, including Standard. :) 




Yin Wang replied on Sun, 2010/01/31 - 1:01pm

myeclipse 8.5

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