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Maven Repository Nexus Pro Upgrades to 1.4

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The newly announced 1.4 version of Nexus Professional, a Maven repository manager, introduces a full plugin model with improved capabilities.  "Plugin authors will be able to create new types of repositories, new REST resources, UI screens, security realms, scheduled tasks and more," said Brian Fox, Sonatype's VP of engineering.  "A Repository Manager is to binaries what Source Control Systems are to source files. The types of integration opportunities with a pluggable, REST based system like Nexus are endless."

The new features of Nexus Professional 1.4 include:                                                   New Repository Window
  • Better control of redeployment for hosted repositories
  • Provides a WebDAV endpoint for publishing a web site
  • Support for staging rulesets
  • Staging plugin now accepts artifact bundle uploads
  • More intuitive staging plugin UI
  • Repository summary panel
  • Security improvements
  • Integration with Atlassian Crowd
  • Automated Nexus Error Reporting

Sonatype produces Nexus Professional as its premium commercial edition, while Nexus is the free edition.  Both products are open source.

Nexus claims to have the smallest memory footprint of all Repository Managers (28mb vs 128mb).  Nexus uses the file system with Lucene so no database is required.  Nexus also uses Restlet, enabling full REST APIs.  Full integration with Eclipse using m2eclipse is another core feature of Nexus.  
To get started with Nexus, you can watch an introduction video
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Brian Fox replied on Fri, 2009/10/30 - 9:24am

Hi Mitch,

Nexus Pro is comprised of open source Nexus core and additional plugins bundled together. Those plugins themselves are not all open source.

Thanks, Brian

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