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JSR 299, WebBeans: Will EJB rise again?

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"JSF really needs some major improvements" says Gavin King in a recent article on SD Times. Alex Handy wrote a short, interesting piece on JSR 299, Web Beans titled EJB's Path to Browser Takes Shape. The article covers Web Beans, JSF 2.0 and how Gavin King, the founder of Hibernate and Seam, wants to simplify web development for JEE so that it is as productive as Ruby on Rails and PHP.

There are some interesting quotes from Gavin King with regards to JEE needing to be trimmed down and where Seam and Web Beans fit in the JEE diet.

From previous posts on Seam and Orchestra, it seems that Seam is not really tied to EJB at all. And, you can easily use Seam without EJB.

So why do you suppose Web Beans/Seam is positioned as the way to get "EJB's Path to Browser"?

Will EJB see a reemergence through Web Beans and Seam?

What do you think of Gavin King's position on JEE, EJB, JSF, Seam, and Web Beans as stated in the article by Alex Handy?

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Scott Ferguson replied on Fri, 2008/02/29 - 3:47pm

Well, EJBs aren't necessarily much more complicated than normal webbeans.  (Ignoring packaging issues).

 The only real difference between a @Stateless session bean and a singleton webbean is the pooled instances of the session bean vs the single, multithreaded instance of the singleton.

 @TransactionAttribute, @In, @InterceptorClass, etc. can be common to both EJBs and WebBeans.  So it's not really accurate to think of EJBs as some big complicated heavyweight capability.  It's just a simple lifecycle change.

Kenneth Mark replied on Sun, 2008/03/02 - 2:56am

I've been thinking for a while whether should start with Seam or wait for Webbeans.

As for enterprise development, I'm a bit favor to JEE standard (specially after using 

Glassfish) and use as less as possible third-party (open source or not) libraries,

framework, etc. It is because we faced some serious trouble in the pass by uncontrolling

the use of these third-party stuff. Maintaining developed project was like hell.

IMHO if Webbeans is available for use, it will be our first choice.

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