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Jelastic - Holy grail of Java hosting?

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I want to write about one weaker part from Java EE world. If you start to learn Java EE, you have to go through many tutorials and learn a lot of information. Finally you can write some simple useful application and want to put it on the internet to others. There is a problem. Where is some hosting for application written in Java? Yes, the weak part, that I mentioned, is hosting.

One notice at the begin. Next lines are from beginner's point of view. I dont want to talk about enterprise solutions.

So you search over internet and find probably this possibilities. But each of them have some restrictions:

  • Dedicated server - Wholly configuration is in your hands. You have to do all by yourself. If you need only simple hosting for your showcase it's expensive.
  • Amazon Web Services - Again, very complex and later expensive solution. First year is free. But there is a lot of possibilities how to configure it and beginner can be easy lost.
  • Cloud Foundry - Your application is tied with service provider and you need some virtual computer to run VMware image. For me as Mac OS user again little bit expensive.
  • Google Apps Engine - Quite good choice. Easy interface for configuration and deployment. But your source code is tied with provider API.
  • Others ...

There is quite new service, that have ambition solve this restrictions.  Its name is Jelastic. Jelastic is based on well known products which are usually used on dedicated servers. Runtime environment can be Java 6 or 7 and server is probably the most popular java server Tomcat. Everyone can choose your relational database (for example MySQL, PostgreSQL) or NoSQL database like MongoDB. For application with high load is there possibility of vertical and horizontal scaling. Everything is setup by this simple form. 


GUI for administration is simple like environment configuration. You can upload WAR applications. Deploy them to Tomcat. Start and stop single services or whole environment. 

There you can find important information about pricing. 

Now I would make some summary.


  • Simple
  • You don't depend on provider


  • It's in Beta status now, so it's can be unstable.
  • Doesn't have completely free edition for noncommercial use or low load applications

I have really good feeling about Jelastic. I hope that pricing will be friendly and in basic configuration will be completely free. I dont know now about some critical restriction so Jelastic can be recommended for your java web experiments.

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Marina Sprava replied on Wed, 2012/03/14 - 4:52am

Hello, Martin!

Good stuff!

I just want to add that Jelastic's pricing model was published a month ago. ServInt and dogado announced their commercial pricing: $0.02 per cloudlet per hour from ServInt, and 0.016 euro from dogado.

You can find more information about pricing and commercial release here:


Martin Chalupa replied on Thu, 2012/03/15 - 3:20am in response to: Marina Sprava

Hi, Marina

Thank you for information about pricing. I missed this information. It's sad that jelastic won't have complete free version. I hoped for similar pricing like Google App Engine.

Jonathan Fisher replied on Thu, 2012/03/15 - 9:02am

Wow.... I know a lot of shops that would pay $ to have that kind of tech in-house!

Diane Mueller replied on Mon, 2012/03/19 - 3:54pm

Your application is NOT "tied with a service provider" with Cloud Foundry as you stated above. Perhaps you were talking about VMWare's hosted version at Cloud - but still it should be noted that Cloud Foundry, the open source project, on which ActiveState built and extended our Private PaaS offering, Stackato, is built to be deloyed on any service provider.

Stackato works with multiple hypervisor/infrastructure layers, including vSphere, EC2, OpenStack, KVM, Xen, HP CS, + others.  CloudFoundry based offerings are meant to help you avoid cloud vendor lock-in and are helping to keep your applications portable across all cloud service providers.

see for more info

(also of note: Stackato's micro cloud is free and it's production ready now, and along with Java - we support PHP, Python,Perl, Ruby,Node.js,Clojure,Erlang and Scala - and the web frameworks that are associated with those languages)

Martin Chalupa replied on Tue, 2012/03/20 - 10:31am in response to: Diane Mueller

Hi, thank you for answer.

Yes, you have right I wrote about VMWare's Cloud Foundry. And there in some cases you can be tied with service API. But you have right, it isn't necessary.

Thank you for introducing your product. I will look at it.

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