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JBoss Tools Targets Helios and Tycho Builds

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The first milestone release of JBoss Tools 3.2 is the first version to target the recently finalized Eclipse 3.6 platform.  JBoss has also made Java 5 required for the use of JBoss tools 3.2.  This release will be the first to use Maven with the Tycho plugin to build and package the plugin distro.

People who haven't moved to Eclipse 3.6 or haven't upgraded to Java 5 or 6 should continue using JBoss 3.1, which was released a few months ago.  JBoss 3.2 is for those on the cutting edge who are happily enjoying the Helios version of Eclipse.  Besides the Eclipse 3.6 migration and Tycho build, there are many other significant features that will take shape over the next few milestones:

JPA 2 Support

JBoss Tools' integration between Hibernate Tools and Eclipse JPA/Dali now supports Java Persistence API 2.0 tooling.

JSF 2 Refactoring

Quick fixes have been added for missing attributes or folders to composite components.  This should make writing and modifying JSF 2 composite components a lot easier.  The refactoring of attribute names is reflected in the interface component section.

CDI Wizards and Validation

New Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299) wizards help you create common annotation types such as Qualifiers, Stereotypes, Scope, and Interceptor Binding.  CDI construct validation has also been expended by covering around 60 TCK validations.  It also warns developers early on if things are not wired up correctly in the source code.

Externalize Strings for XHTML

Just like externalizing strings in Eclipse for Java code, Externalize Strings for XHTML allows you to select a string, choose 'externalize string' (JBoss Tools will take care of the resource bundler), name the string, and replace it with the appropriate EL expression.  This should make internationalization easier.

JAX-WS and REST Webservice Tester

The new Webservice tester simplifies JAX-WS requests or REST style requests from within Eclipse and inspects the result.  It has nice mix of broad features and lightweight deployment.  

jBPM 3 Deployment

The deployment mechanism for jBPM has become more consistent and user friendly by removing a some manual work and giving more freedom to process storage and structuring (directories can have more than one process).

You can follow the nightly builds for the next release (M2) and start using them if you want. 


Alexis MP replied on Thu, 2010/07/22 - 2:16pm

I have to wonder, are these Java EE features going into Eclipse WTP ?

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