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JavaOne Lives!

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It's alive!  After several months of rumors predicting its death, JavaOne has risen from the grave and is set to debut once again in September.  Oracle President Charles Phillips made the announcement at the Oracle-Sun webcast this afternoon.  JavaOne 2010 will be co-located with Oracle Develop and take place at the same time as Oracle OpenWorld, which is scheduled for Sept. 19-23 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.  This will be a little different from previous JavaOne conferences, which were held in late spring or early summer.  The venue however, will be the same as always.


JavaOne will continue to be a separate event and it will focus solely on Java technology, the community, and the ecosystem - not products.  Phillips said that Oracle plans to expand JavaOne into new countries including China, India, Brazil, and Russia.  The OpenWorld website and last year's JavaOne site haven't posted this updated information yet, but the details will likely appear on one of those sites in due time.  The Open Call for Papers will be soon.  We'll have to wait and see if the same members of the Java community come out to support JavaOne now that Oracle owns the event.  DZone will continue to cover this story as more details become available.

Are you happy to hear JavaOne isn't dead?  What are you excited or concerned about regarding JavaOne 2010?



Otengi Miloskov replied on Wed, 2010/01/27 - 2:56pm

Great we will continue to have JavaOne and more in the horizon to Rusia and Brazil, I hope there will be also JavaOne in Japan.

Nitin Bharti replied on Wed, 2010/01/27 - 5:55pm in response to: Otengi Miloskov

This is really encouraging to hear.  I hope Oracle will keep the JavaOne spirit alive, and truly run it as a separate event (from OpenWorld). Having been to the last seven JavaOnes, for me, it remains one of the best shows in our industry.  I'm sure Oracle plans to make this year's conference even better! 

Loren Kratzke replied on Thu, 2010/01/28 - 12:59am

I have only watched the software strategy for Java webcast but they did have worthy mention of Java One. Everything they announced about everything is statedly short term and meant to squelch nasty rumors that would certainly develop if they said nothing. But it's not bad news for the short term.

Regarding Java One, this will clearly be an integration with Oracle OpenWorld. Hudson is good to go, and Netbeans as it exists today has also been granted a generous stay with the existing team intact (so tthey say). Project Kenai, not so fortunate. They have been assimilated.

Karim Elsayed replied on Thu, 2010/01/28 - 4:30am


gone through 2 big aquisitions like this one, I dont expect JavaOne (as a name) to stay longer than 1 or 2 years  ..

Sudden drop of JavaOne name would have its negative effect on the community, Oracle guys are not that stupid.. instead they are goig to phase it out gradually..

this doesnt mean the event is dropped.. it will just go under OpenWorld.. 

James Sugrue replied on Thu, 2010/01/28 - 8:53am in response to: Loren Kratzke

You'll find the mentions of JavaOne in the first of the sessions, Oracle + Sun: Transforming the Industry.


James Walker replied on Wed, 2012/11/14 - 5:05pm

JavaOne will continue to be a separate event and it will focus solely on Java technology, the community, and the advanced computer training online System - not products

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