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Java.net Gets a Big Jolt

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After years of serving as a critical resource for Java developers, Java.net has gotten a major facelift.  The site was taken down on 2/25/2011 for upgrades and is now back up with major changes to the infrastructure. New improvements to the site will include updated editorial pages, blogs, wikis, and a revamped forum. 

A brand new set of servers is now being used for the upgraded Java.net site.  Java.net has migrated from CollabNet to the Kenai infrastructure and given more flexability to users by allowing them to pick and choose which features they implement.  Developers will also get a chance to use tools like Mercurial, Git, and JIRA on the new infrastructure.  By June 1st of this year, the original site-wide wiki will be taken down and divided into "project wikis."  These will be distributed to appropriate sections of the new Java.net site.

The look of the Java.net site has been revamped from the ground up for a more organized user experience:

According to an announcement made by Java.net staff, the final phase of the transition to a newer, better Java.net environment will include the addition of social networking features several months after the site's transition.  Oracle encourages users of the new site to report any bugs this week so that they can be fixed promptly.  The Java.net team spent this past weekend integrating their new servers with the Kenai.com site. Members of Kenai.com will be encouraged to come join the new Java.net site. 
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Peter Jodeleit replied on Wed, 2011/03/02 - 6:37am

Is this a "from europe only" problem? java.net is really really slow. Login isn't working at all. At least that is consistent to site bug.sun.com now. Suspect that the 20 votes on the new homepage are all Oracle-employees.

Francis Adu-gyamfi replied on Wed, 2011/03/02 - 6:51am

Is it just me or that does the font on the new site look pretty "off" and kinda hard to read. Also, the icons on the far left under Get Involved and Get Informed tend to fade to the bottom, and that is not really a nice look. I like the overall content layout change, but my first impression of the site is not a really good one. They can do better.

It seems to look a little better in Chrome than Opera but so much. (Win 7 x64). Fonts are still hard to read.

Mladen Girazovski replied on Wed, 2011/03/02 - 7:05am

java.net is still working as before, only on random occasions, just got an timeout, again...

The whole thing is a joke to me, after Sun, is now Oracle inept to put up a website?

Ryan Developer replied on Wed, 2011/03/02 - 8:58am

Pages are taking 5+ seconds to load, and now Firefox is complaining about timeouts.   I'm a bit surprised, but give them a chance to get things tuned.  I'm sure the infrastructure is not trivial.

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Wed, 2011/03/02 - 3:21pm in response to:

They did say it's still a work in progress.  :)

Brandon Nokes replied on Fri, 2011/03/04 - 12:26pm

Monday March 7th is the "Official" launch date and everything should be working correctly then.

Liezel Jane Jandayan replied on Mon, 2011/08/22 - 9:20pm

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