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Java Store - Open For Beta Business

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Today, the Java Store debuts at the JavaOne conference, allowing the discovery and purchase of Java and JavaFX applications. As we reported previously, this could be the ultimate application store, given the large base of users that already have Java installed. 

Sun have opened a Java Warehouse Java Store applications: The Java Warehouse is the central repository for Java and JavaFX applications submitted for distribution through multiple storefronts including the Java Store. The Java Warehouse manages developer registration, application submission, content management, provisioning, and settlement, enabling you to focus on creating Java applications and soon making money from the sales of these applications.

The warehouse will be open to non-US residents in 2010.

Currently the store is running a private beta program, open only to US residents. A public beta will be open later on in the summer. They're looking for your feedback to make the store better, so it's well worth getting involved. One of the flagship applications in the store is TwitterFX.

It's going to be really interesting to see how this works out for Java. I think that it could help boost Java's popularity, and we could see some real innovative applications. It will be an excellent revenue stream for developers who get their applications on the store. 




Roland Carlsson replied on Tue, 2009/06/02 - 12:02pm

US only. Great thinking! :-(

James Sugrue replied on Tue, 2009/06/02 - 3:31pm in response to: Roland Carlsson

I'm disappointed about that too, but apparently it'll be coming to other countries soon.


Johan Compagner replied on Thu, 2009/06/04 - 2:32am

Can anybody explain to me who at sun thought about this "great" idea?

 How do they come up with it, why would i go to the java app store?

On a phone its a very good thing to have. (and then i still dont care where it is written in, java or native) But on the desktop? Why would i go as a consumer to the Java App store and buy there a java application.. An average consumer really doesnt care where it is written in.. Doesnt even know that. Or some a bit more techie person doesnt want java apps (because it is so slow... at least thats what they still think)

 This really looks agian to something that Sun thought hmm others are also doing that, we should also be doing that.. Why oh why does sun always follow the market and try to copy stuff. And then in this area completely miss the whole point about all those app stores that are currently there. That they are for a very specific target not for desktop stuff...

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