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Java EE 6 and NetBeans 6.8 Arrive Today

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This morning Sun announced the release of the Java EE 6 SDK and the GlassFish Enterprise Server v3, which is the first application server to support Java EE 6.  Also announced was the general availability of NetBeans 6.8.  The dual release makes sense for Sun since the public releases now give enterprise developers a new, more powerful standard to code with and a robust environment in which they can develop.

GlassFish v3 implements the full Java EE 6 specification: EJB 3.1, Servlet 3, JAX-RS, JPA 2, Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE, Bean validation, Java EE profiles, etc.  Kevin Schmidt, Director of Application Platform Product Management at Sun, said in a podcast that the three main themes for Java EE 6 are extensibility, productivity, and flexibility.  Extensibility has been improved by adding profiles and trimming redundant APIs.  The CDI spec in particular adds outside functionality (e.g. excel spreadsheet generation, security modules) that will run in any container that supports CDI.  

For productivity, Schmidt says, "You can now use EJB directly in web applications without having to have a separate .jar file and package things into .ear files."  Schmidt said annotations have also been upgraded in EE 6.  Flexibility has been added by introducing profiles.  Schmidt says the Web profile specifically provides a subset of the platform tailored to web application development. The third version of GlassFish is also the first version to be completely based on OSGi.  This also adds flexibility to EE 6 if the GlassFish v3 server is used.

The NetBeans 6.8 IDE leverages GlassFish v3 and Java EE 6.  It includes new features and improved support for PHP 5.3 and the Symfony framework along with the latest JavaFX SDK 1.2.1.  6.8 also includes better C/C++ profiling, more Ruby support, and updated support for Maven.  NetBeans 6.8 also has tighter integration with Project Kenai and full JIRA support.

GlassFish v3 and NetBeans 6.8 are both available for immediate download.  DZone will be releasing a Refcard for NetBeans 6.8 next week.  The Refcard for GlassFish v3 is already available.


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