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Java 7 and Lucene Bug Saga Still Ongoing

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Oracle released update for Java 7 yesterday but Uwe Schindler, who made some waves during the July release saying that people should not update to Java 7, is still not convinced that all the problems with the previous version have been fixed.  What he wants, is confirmation from Oracle:

I took some free time on the Lucene Eurocon Conference in Barcelona, downloaded the packages and installed them in parallel on my Windows 64bit Thinkpad. First I tried to run the Porter Stemmer test with 100 iterations on Java 7 GA, and verified that it crashed. Robert Muir joined and we tested the new U1 release: Test passes! This means, Hotspot issue #7070134 was fixed, but Oracle missed to put it into the release notes...
It seemed to us that Oracle maybe fixed Java issues #7044738 and #7068051, but missed to put both of them into the release notes. Of course, without an additional statement from Oracle, we cannot be sure, that the issues are really fixed!  --Uwe Schindler

So while there was a lot of developers here on JL and in other places who brushed aside Uwe's warning, I still am wondering whether anyone in our community can say that they've held off on Java 7 because of these Lucene-related bugs?  Have any Lucene application developers not updated?



Otengi Miloskov replied on Wed, 2011/10/19 - 9:04pm

Im using Java7 and it is awesome fast and stable, maybe in the first release it was those bugs but right now I dont find nothing wrong with Java7, We are starting to upgrade from Java6 to Java7 our servers and development. Java7 it is now the way to go.

Martijn Verburg replied on Thu, 2011/10/20 - 4:21am

I think the communication between the Lucene folks and Oracle isn't perhaps as good as it could be. Where is the community spirited conversation on the OpenJDK mailing lists to work together to solve this problem? These public statements/veiled demands from Lucene aren't helping IMO.

Loren Kratzke replied on Thu, 2011/10/20 - 5:54pm

Oracle has horrible communication skills. Let me give you an example:

 We scheduled an upgrade of our Java6 a few months ago. It was a bug fix version. Shortly after scheduling the upgrade, the page at Oracle that lists which bugs were fixed broke. I looked for a long time but could not find a page or email address that I could use to notify them of the broken link.

Just for grins, I contacted Oracle support via chat. It was the only option. I told them about the broken link….It did not go well.

James: Greetins
Loren: Greetings, one moment please....
James: My name is James [last name with held] and I'm a pre sales consultant for Hardware/Tech/Applications. How may I help you?
Loren: There is an issue with this page:
Loren: It is supposed to lead to the fixes in the most recent JDK but it has been broken or over a month now.
Loren: Can you please forward that information to somebody who can fix it?
James: Ok you want to contact tech support @ 800 223 1711
Loren: Is there no email? I hesitate to read a hyperlink over the phone.
James: There's no email for tech support. Call that number and reference your CSI or serial number.
Loren: The error message is: Failure of server APACHE bridge:
Loren: Serial number? For heavens sake what is the serial number of your hyperlink?

Chat Session Ended, Goodbye. (5010)

(He hung up on me!)

 Just for reference, that page is still broken. AND WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO LOG IN TO SEE THAT PAGE!!!

Sorry for yelling, Oracle just totally pisses me off. I hate them. (FYI, a few years ago the same thing happened at Sun, I sent an email, got a response in 30 minutes, problem fixed in 2 hours.)

Loren Kratzke replied on Thu, 2011/10/20 - 5:58pm in response to: Loren Kratzke

I should add that this horrible experience was followed up in email with a tiny little 97 question survey asking about my support experience. So they care enough to ask 97 questions, but they don't give a rats ass enough to even have a website support link or staff trained in forwarding site issues to somebody who can fix them. I really hate Oracle. They absolutely suck unless you are paying them millions of dollars per year. I hope they rot in hell.

Donald Smith replied on Fri, 2011/10/21 - 7:23am

I work in the Java SE PM team for Oracle, and am based in Ottawa, Canada.
Two things:
1 - I'm confused why there's any doubt on the fixes, we've been working with the community for a while with preview builds on 7u1 and thought it had already been proven fixed. Although not the most cordial of presentations, the core questions about the release notes are fair questions. I'm working to either get answers and/or update the notes.
2 - Loren, I'm sorry you had a lousy experience with the online tech chat (I didn't even know we had such a thing, and am saddened to hear you were punted by it). Can you please follow up with me via email and I will (a) fix your problem and (b) go figure out what to change so that we're better prepared for people trying to help us fix broken links. [edit to note my email address for the non-psychic: it's my]

Loren Kratzke replied on Sat, 2011/10/22 - 2:41am in response to: Donald Smith

In the interest of the Java community I will hopefully make things better with constructive criticism and feedback.

1 - While I am sure from your perspective Oracle has been working with the community, not so much the case from the community perspective. My only evidence here is the root post. Clearly there is a communication gap somewhere. Corporations are made up of hard working people but are led by total assholes. Even they are good people individually, but as public facets of a corporation the size of Oracle they lack all positive human characteristics.

2.  Simply put, a link on the site to report problems with the site would suffice. We performed our upgrade weeks ago.

Oracle (Larry) did not say, "I want to purchase Sun so that I can make Java better." It was a trophy purchase meant to suck up the last of MySQL, licensing for hardware, a very cool VirtualBox, an Office Suite, and rights to the most popular enterprise platform on Earth.

Their first mistake was what would have been Java One. It was a side show. And to beat all, they actually turned away James Gosling at the friggin' door. I mean really?

James said, "At the very, very highest levels at Oracle, they deeply, deeply don't give a shit."

It's not that this is profound so much as it is obvious. Oracle makes their money from corporations. They are a corprate top feeder. How could they possibly give "a shit"? It is not possible. They would not be Oracle.

Lastly, I respect the awesome technology that they have produced on their own, and other technology that they have purchased and integrated. There is some fine engineering there.

But I am calling them out as a corporate freak of nature that they are, one that has embedded itself between customer and dollar, (credit and capitalistic kudos there too). But at some point you must admit, they are nothing but a freak of nature. Far from a business that is open to the community (less press releases) and has competition beyond it's own ability to further entrench its customers (again, kudos as long as customers are purchasing).

It just doesn't fly for someone like me that has a broken page and an upgrade to perform, and no multi-million dollar serial number to use to have the privilege of telling them their own page is broken.

Loren Kratzke replied on Sat, 2011/10/22 - 2:53am in response to: Loren Kratzke

And don't even get me started on their site. That is a rat maze. Zero logical navigation. It's like they are selling me Java. I really miss back in the day.

Donald Smith replied on Sat, 2011/10/22 - 7:28am

Loren, thanks for taking your valuable time to elaborate!!

Donald Smith replied on Tue, 2011/10/25 - 6:32pm

The release notes [1] have been updated based on the feedback. Thanks,
- Don

[1] -

JIT and Loop Bugs
Three bugs reported by various parties, including Apache Lucene developers, have been fixed in JDK 7 Update 1, in addition to a fourth related bug found by Oracle (7070134, 7068051, 7044738, 7077439).

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