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JavaOne Announcement: Java on iOS?

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While many assume the new Apple App Store Guidelines are designed to accommodate Adobe, I think instead that Larry and Oracle got Steve and Apple to lay the groundwork for an iOS announcement at JavaOne 2010.

I'm looking at these facts:


  • Apple and Adobe/Flash have a contentious relationship
  • Apple and Google have a contentious relationship
  • Google and Adobe are now great friends
  • Oracle and Google have a contentious relationship
  • Ellison and Jobs are great friends

How else to reclaim relevance for Java on mobile than to partner with the one company that appreciates what Oracle is doing to Google? With the one company that is run by your best friend? On whose board you serve?

Jeff Martin
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Thierry Milard replied on Fri, 2010/09/10 - 4:31am

If only it could be true .

Ps : I am afraid this is impossible.


Vladimir Vivien replied on Fri, 2010/09/10 - 10:21am

I think you maybe on to something. I have been suspicious for a while. Apple would definitely steal some of Android's thunder if they bring Java to the iPhone.

Marcel Offermans replied on Mon, 2010/09/13 - 10:45am

I think Apple needed to open up the platform more to accommodate game developers, who want to be able to use existing toolkits like the Unreal Engine. There is little evidence to think that Apple suddenly likes "virtual machines" like Flash and Java running on iOS.

Henk De Boer replied on Mon, 2010/09/13 - 1:47pm

Interesting, but alliances seem to mean little. After all, Apple -is- on the board of the blu-ray committee, but hell probably freezes over before we're going to see any blu-ray on the Mac.

Gerard COLLIN replied on Fri, 2010/09/24 - 9:12am

Maybe that's not the way we expected, but you seemed to be right.

As oracle announced at JavaOne that JavaFX will generate HTML5 in the future, I guess it's a way to integrate Java into iOS.



Liezel Jane Jandayan replied on Mon, 2011/08/22 - 9:22pm

JavaFX extends the power of Java by allowing developers to use any Java library within JavaFX applications. This way developers can expand their capabilities in Java and make use of the revolutionary presentation technology that JavaFX provides to build engaging visual experiences.-Yochanan Berkowitz

David La Motta replied on Tue, 2011/10/18 - 9:40am

Good comments, and it may be true that in the not-so-distant future we may see a JVM in iOS. In the meantime, however, if you want to write Java for iOS there are ways to do it, sans JVM. A product we have been working on, called GWT4Titanium Mobile (GWT4Ti Mobile for short), allows a developer to write Java, compile it down to Javascript, and then down to native code. The way we accomplish this is by having a proxy API to Titanium (which is a Javascript API), which translates JS to native code for both iOS and Android. To take Java down to JS we rely on the GWT compiler. We have an alpha version for working in Dev Mode, so any changes are pushed dynamically to the iOS simulator--no GWT compile until you are ready to deploy your app.

We released our product on Sept. 1st, and the response we are getting is great so far. While it is not true bytecode running in an iOS JVM, GWT4Ti Mobile allows a developer to write Java for client-server iOS apps. There are tutorials and forum posts at Check it out if you get a chance, and drop us questions or comments while you are at it.


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