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Hack on Lucene this summer!

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Are you a student? Looking to do some fun coding this summer? Then join us for the 2011 Google Summer of Code!

The application deadline is in less than a month! Lucene has these potential projects identified, but you can also pick your own; just be sure to discuss with the community first (send an email to dev@lucene.apache.org).

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Dragan Sahpaski replied on Sun, 2011/05/29 - 2:41pm

Is this late or what?

Kathy John replied on Tue, 2012/02/21 - 1:20pm

You know, I wanted to make a small contribution to Solr as a natural outreach of the work I'm doing with Solr. Namely, XML validation files for the various XML config files, since a malformed XML config or schema file can break a Solr installation quite easily. I tried posting on the developer mailing list, but I don't think anyone noticed in the noise.

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