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Getting started with Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta

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Working with guests

Up to now you've been logging in to Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta with your hard coded Adobe ID. But, as you saw, that doesn't quite work—you need to let your users log themselves in. If you want to, you can use the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta Authentication APIs and tie into an external authorization system. For this example, however, all you will do is prompt them for a username and have them come in as a guest with that username.

When you create a room, the collaborative components (that is, the pods you created including the whiteboard, chat, and so on) within it need to be initialized. Only the owner of the account is allowed to add these facilities to the room. By logging in to the room with your developer Adobe ID, you have already initialized the components, so you do not need to do that again. Now you will remove the username and password credentials and make it so that anyone can enter the room with just a username.

You'll need to modify the room settings and prompt the users for a username. To change the room settings, you can use a special Adobe AIR application called AFCSDevConsole. This application was created by the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta team and can be found in the extras folder of the SDK. AFCSDevConsole is different from the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta portal that you used earlier to create your Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta account and roomURL.

Install and run AFCSDevConsole. Click the "Add" button in the lower left had corner to add your account. Fill in your roomURL, username, password, and a display name that you can use to identify this account. Also select Log into this account so that when you click Save you'll be automatically logged in. You can use AFCSDevConsole to manage the settings of your rooms. Select your account, the default template and the room you created above, and then click Enter Room. This will take you to the management area where you can change settings (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. After logging in to the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta Dev Console

For this example, you want enable guests to log in without having an account. To do this, select Auto-Promote Users. You'll also see that you can make guests knock and be approved before they come in, and you can set the room state to active, ended, hostNotArrived, or onHold. To have this room be as open as possible, leave Guests Have to Knock unchecked and make sure the room is set to active (these should be the defaults). As you change these settings, the settings for the room are being automatically changed so there is no need to confirm or click a button to make the changes (see Figure 3). Now back to code.

Figure 3. The Room Manager in the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta Dev Console

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Manuel Saint-Victor replied on Tue, 2009/06/02 - 2:17pm

Great Article Ryan- I'm off to play with Flash Collaboration now! 

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