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FreeMarker vs. JSP 2

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I've been doing quite a bit of prototyping with Spring MVC and Struts 2 with both JSP and FreeMarker in the last few months. I'm trying to migrate a proprietary servlet-based framework with a proprietary JSP compiler to something that's open source. There's a couple of important features that the proprietary view framework has:

  1. It's expression language allows methods to be called with arguments.
  2. Templates can be loaded from a JAR on a remote server.
  3. XML in variables is escaped by default.

For #1, I've found this to be impossible with JSP EL or JSTL. I've created JSP functions that allow argument passing, but they don't allow overloading of functions. FreeMarker solves #1.

For #2, JSPs again fail because the templates have to be on the file system or in a WAR. FreeMarker solves this problem as well.

For #3, neither JSP or FreeMarker solve this problem. I realize it can be fixed in FreeMarker by hacking the code - I've done the same with Tomcat and solved it for JSP as well.

So based on the requirements in this project, FreeMarker is the clear winner. Here's some problems that I see with using it:

  • No XML escaping of expressions by default
  • No compile-time checking of expressions
  • IDE support is limited to Eclipse (meaning very little in the way of code-completion)
FreeMarker users - what problems have you had with FreeMarker in your applications?
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Rick Ross replied on Thu, 2008/01/17 - 2:46pm

The lack of IDE support was painful for us. There's pretty decent support in Eclipse, but it is almost completely lacking in IntelliJ IDEA. I understand that it is on the short list of features for inclusion in the next edition of IntelliJ - IDEA 8.

Geertjan Wielenga replied on Thu, 2008/01/17 - 2:55pm

I played around with FreeMarker a lot recently (and am planning on writing some articles on soon on my experiences) especially since NetBeans IDE 6.0 bundles the FreeMarker engine. I created a plugin for NetBeans, which includes syntax coloring, sometime ago (

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