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Flex best practices – Part 2: Development practices

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Store image assets such as JPG, GIF, or PNG files in a directory named "images".

The image directory path will be: src/assets/images

checkmark Use a fonts directory

Flex applications can contain embedded typefaces. When using nonstandard fonts for your Flex application store the TTF files and other font files in a directory named "fonts". Also keep in mind that font availability varies across platforms. Including the fonts is a good idea especially if the development team works on different platforms.

The font directory path will be: src/assets/fonts

checkmark Use an audio directory

Audio is a commonly used media type in rich Internet applications. Store audio assets such as MP4 and WAV files in a directory named "audio".

The audio directory path will be: src/assets/audio

checkmark Use a video directory

Store videos in a directory named "video" 

The video directory path will be: src/assets/video

checkmark Use an XML directory

If your application contains XML configuration files or XML files that will be loaded directly into the application without making a call to a server, keep them grouped together in a directory named "xml".

The xml directory path will be: src/assets/xml

The directory structure shown in Figure 1 illustrates these conventions.

Use subdirectories to organize assets

Figure 1. Use subdirectories to organize assets


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