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Finally, a Java ME SDK for Macs!

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For Mac users wanting to do mobile Java development, the wait is finally over.  I'm referring of course to Java ME SDK 3.0 for Mac OS X, which is now available for early access.  Mac developers have been wanting the famous Wireless ToolKit on their operating system for sometime now.  Java ME development has finally arrived for Macs.   Here are some features of Java ME SDK 3.0 Early Access for Mac OS:

  • Unique architecture allows work with the real device from ME SDK 3.0 on Mac OS
  • Communication with the devices, application deployment, and On-Device debugging over the Wi-Fi
  • Support for Java Micro Edition APIs and the latest CLDC Hot Spot VM
  • Powerful Tools for optimizations: Profiler, Network Monitor, Support for Debugging, Wireless Messaging Console, etc.
  • JavaFX 1.2.1 Mobile emulator running on Mac OS
  • Integrated Device Search Database
  • Autoupdate for additional plug-ins and product updates
  • Based on NetBeans Platform, which just released the 6.8 beta!

It is important to note that Java ME SDK 3.0 for Mac OS requires Java 1.6.  Make sure 1.6 is set as the default runtime in Java Preferences.

(Ed. note: Thanks to Josh Marinacci (@joshmarinacci) for tweeting about this earlier today. We might have missed it.)



José Luis Jaimes replied on Fri, 2009/10/23 - 3:45pm

At last! This was one of the main reasons I had to use VirtualBox with Windows on OS X.

Stephan Bardubitzki replied on Fri, 2009/10/23 - 6:03pm

I would be more excited about a Linux version.

José Luis Jaimes replied on Fri, 2009/10/23 - 8:58pm in response to: Stephan Bardubitzki

I would be more excited about a Linux version.

A Linux version is under development too...


Otengi Miloskov replied on Fri, 2009/10/23 - 9:22pm

Pppffff... After years at last but I think is to late. Sun screwed everything. Sun created something wonderfull, Sun destroyed something wonderfull.


Henk De Boer replied on Sat, 2009/10/24 - 10:21am

Very nice indeed! Now what the BD-J SDK for the Mac? :P

Torsten Welches replied on Mon, 2009/10/26 - 5:09am

Java ME for Macs? Finally I can start to do Java stuff on my iPhone - great news.

Err.. wait.. 

Gregory Pierce replied on Tue, 2009/11/03 - 11:31am

We had been waiting on a J2ME SDK for years. Now after the iPhone SDK and the Android SDK we finally get one and I'm sure Sun will wonder why we really just don't care anymore. J2ME for all practical purposes has been supplanted on the "popular" platforms for mobile development so they were better off saving that money.

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