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JavaOne: Is the Party Over?

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Since 1996, JavaOne has been the main event in the Java developer community.  If the rumors we've read recently in "The Register" are true (and you should take them with a grain of salt), developers have seen the last of JavaOne.  The Register reported yesterday that the JavaOne conference has ended and will be assimilated into the Oracle OpenWorld show.

Already, there is some contarary evidence from a Moscone schedule suggesting JavaOne may not be over, but for now, there is no confirmation on this story one way or the other.  We asked people what they though about a possible end to the well-known convention.  We'd like to have your opinions as well.

Matt Raible

Raible Designs
"My first question is why are they ending it?  However, I think I know the answer.  My guess is they view it as a Sun conference rather than a Java Conference and they already have Oracle OpenWorld.  I think it's really unfortunate because this is largely a community event that gives good insights into Java as a whole and represents the corporate developer well.  The smaller conferences (NFJS, SpringOne, etc.) are good, but they're not generic Java, they're more targeted (bleeding edge, Spring, etc.).  And more unfortunate than anything is JavaOne always had the best parties, hence some of the best networking events.  No other Java-related conference (in the US) has that AFAIK."

Jim Weaver

Developer, speaker and author, who blogs about JavaFX
"My thoughts are: 1) I take what I read in the Register with 0.5mg of sodium chloride.  2) It would be sad to see JavaOne end, but am confident that much of what it represents will carry on in future events held by Oracle and in conferences such as Devoxx.  I wonder if it will result in the rise of a Devoxx-like conference in the US, perhaps organized by the likes of people such as Rick Ross?"  

Maureen O'Gara

Editor, Client Server News
"Makes sense.  Gotta not spend too much money.  I'm sure there'll be a cute little Java tent at Oracle OpenWorld."

Matthew Schmidt

VP of Technology, DZone Inc.
"If the Register report is true, then I am of two minds.  First, it would be sad to see such a long running Java show disappear.  Second, JavaOne hasn't quite been the same in recent years, perhaps due to Sun's general financial situation.  Maybe this will be a good thing and the spirit of JavaOne can help improve Oracle OpenWorld and provide a great show for developers."

Gregg Bolinger

Software developer and JavaRanch Sheriff
"I've never been to JavaOne so I really don't have a take on this.  It makes sense to me that it is being rolled up into OpenWorld.  Apple doesn't just have Objective-C conferences and Microsoft doesn't really have a .NET conference.  Why would Oracle have a Java conference when they can just include it in their existing one?"

Rick Ross

President, DZone, Inc.

"I personally hope the rumor isn't confirmed, but I fear it is likely to be. It may be hard for old hands in the Java community to accept an abrupt transition to Oracle's culture and way of doing things. Sometimes the new religion is wise enough to retain and incorporate parts of the old. Take the traditional festivities of Christmas, for example. Many of them are commandeered directly from the Roman Saturnalia and the practices of British Druids around the winter solstice. Oracle might want to keep JavaOne alive, as they run the risk of being the Grinch Who Stole Christmas."

Ryan Cuprak

Client IT Architect
"It is too early to say - I am hoping that it isn't the case.  The event did a great job of focusing attention on the Java platform in the same way that MacWorld/WWDC does for Apple.  If it is canceled I think it has more to do with the harsh economic climate.  Despite the economy, the Java platform is doing very well."

Radu Rosu

CTO,  Eloquentix
"I think it would be a strategic blunder should Oracle choose not keep the light on Java.  Java is much more than a language or platform. It is an enterprise community that has a track record of industry strength implementations that no other platform can even aspire to today."

Eugene Ciurana

Java expert and open source advocate
"I hope this is only a rumor because ending the JavaOne conference is the single most stupid thing that Oracle can do to alienate the Java community.  OracleWorld is not a developers conference; it's an IT conference.  It's focused on business and other topics that have little to do with development.  JavaOne is a nuts-and-bolts affair first, an engineers conference, a place where the élite and the newbies meet for a frank and fun exchange of ideas and experiences.  The stodginess of OracleWorld would overcome and ultimately squelch the otherwise dynamic JavaOne environment.  Killing JavaOne could be the proverbial drop that spills the glass and triggers developers to fork Java as a family of open source projects to 'stick it to the man'.  IBM would jump at the chance to help the open source efforts to undermine Oracle, and ultimately undermine the whole Java ecosystem."

Shana Deane

VP of Business Development, DZone Inc.
"JavaOne has been an anchor in my professional calendar for more than a decade.  The openness of a 'Java show', the unique culture that Java has inspired, the annual touchpoint with the "mother ship", the good, the bad... I will miss it.   The sadness that I felt during the keynote of this year's event was justified.  Larry, Scott, Jonathan, and even James were polite and tense.  The writing was on the wall.  I can't say for sure if the rumor is true that JavaOne will be absorbed into Oracle OpenWorld.  But I can say that it will never be the same again and that is sad for me.  We are watching the end of an era.  Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne mixed together- its hard to be hopeful."
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Matt DeC replied on Thu, 2009/10/08 - 3:04pm

It is a shame, but probably true.  I posted a few videos from the 2001 conference.  It is kind of funny seeing younger versions of both the presenters and the technology!


J2ME Games

Java Commerce

Java Comedy!

J2ME Application Development

 The comedy is definitely worth a look at.

JeffS replied on Thu, 2009/10/08 - 5:21pm

I for one think it would be big mistake if Oracle ended JavaOne and merged it into Oracle OpenWorld. 

 As has already been said, OpenWorld is a business conference, with lot's of suits, and big businesses looking for "enterprise solutions" (gawd I hate that hackneyed term!).  It is not, in way, shape, or form, a developers conference. 

JavaOne is pretty much a developers conference, with the suits that do show up being there to cater to the devs.

JavaOne is great for Java marketing and mindshare.

Alex Miller replied on Fri, 2009/10/09 - 9:04am

JavaOne has always been *the* conf for the top minds and the new wave in the Java world. A number of excellent conferences have taken up the torch over the last few years but they can't really hope to match the breadth and depth of JavaOne.

I hate to see JavaOne go as I greatly enjoyed it but maybe it would actually be a benefit to get those speakers out to other conferences in other places instead.

Speaking of which, my own little conference Strange Loop features a number of noted Java dudes like Alex Buckley (Java modularity), Bob Lee (JSR 330, Android), and Jesse Wilson (Guice) as well as talks about a bunch of other interesting languages (Ruby, Groovy, Clojure, Scala), and the latest in the NoSQL database world (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra). The conference is on Oct. 22 and 23 in St. Louis and there are just a handful of seats still open if you're interested in attending.  Registration is just $130.

vlad varnica replied on Sun, 2009/10/11 - 7:34am

  1. I always refused to exhibit to JavaOne because the price was too high and the return on investment very small. I Hope that with Oracle it would more interesting on financial point ov view for small ISV to exhibit because now that capital ventures have left our java market we can only survive if investments are profitable.




Ibrahim Levent replied on Mon, 2009/10/12 - 1:25am

It would be a bad sign for Java community from Oracle's ownership of Java. JavaOne is a community event while Oracle OpenWorld is commercial.

Ivan Lazarte replied on Mon, 2009/10/12 - 9:41am

if it's wasteful, great, scrap it. I'd rather see money used well for Java ongoing development instead of giving us hammy speeches and flashy booths.

Shay Shmeltzer replied on Tue, 2009/10/13 - 7:47pm

I don't have any info on whether the rumor is true or false, but I thought it might be interesting to point out that in parallel to Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle has been running Oracle Develop - a 3 day conference aimed at developers with over 200 technical sessions and hands-on labs. See more info here:

Pippifin Cakasey replied on Sat, 2011/10/22 - 8:40am

JavaOne is pretty much a developers conference, with the suits that do show up being there to cater to the devs.

JavaOne is great for Java marketing and mindshare.

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