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Sun JCP Survey Ignores Desktop Java

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On Friday morning, somewhat reluctantly, I decided to fill in Sun's JCP survey with the faint hope that it might somehow make the process better. The survey didn't seem to be that well thought out, failing to provide "not applicable" opt-out choices for questions that users may know nothing about.

But as a Swing developer I do wonder what I was meant to do when faced with the page below. I thought Java on the desktop was a new priority? Perhaps "Enterprise Application" is meant to cover it?

JCP-Survery-Page.png39.83 KB
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Wong Qil replied on Mon, 2008/04/28 - 8:04pm

I think applet could be some kind of " Java on the desktop "

Gregory Pierce replied on Tue, 2008/04/29 - 10:03pm

As much as I hate to say it as a longtime supporter of Java on the desktop and gaming in Java, desktop Java is pretty much dead. The Java community brings back its zombie corpse every so often with something cool around JavaOne and then like sunlight hitting a horror flick, the zombies go away only to come back when it makes good marketing sense.

Flex/AIR and Silverlight are going to make all this happen. Java is no longer considered the ideal platform for building desktop interfaces.

Brendon replied on Wed, 2008/04/30 - 2:05am in response to: Gregory Pierce

Proclamations of death are usually exaggerated and frequently a full decade before it actually happens.  But regardless of your viewpoint, surely Desktop Java, having substantial use within the enterprise, is more alive than Applets which I'm sure almost everyone would agree really are dead?  

I once saw an Applet in the workplace, and I think it is still is production, but it was written in 1999 and still required the Microsoft VM to run.


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