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Deploying Play Framework 2 apps, with Java AND Scala, to Openshift

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Let's Play! in the cloud

A couple of weeks ago, Mark Atwood, Jorge Aliss, and I, Sebastián Scarano participated in Red Hat's webinar LET'S PLAY! IN THE CLOUD: DEVELOPING JAVA WEB APPS ON OPENSHIFT

 In the webinar Mark gave a neat introduction to Openshift, Red Hat's free Platform as a Service (click on the image to see video):


Then we developed a basic contact manager web application, combining Java and Scala source code in the same Play 2 application, and deployed it on Openshift (click on the image to see video).

Click on image to watrch video


With this quickstart ( you'll be able to take any Play 2 application and deploy it on openshift. Just follow this instructions. And here ( you will find the contact demo app. In the demo, in spite our internet connection conspiring against us, we managed to cover the following topics:

You can also check this article in which we explain in detail how we took advantage of the new "do-it-yourself" application type on Openshift to achieve native support for Play Framework application on Openshift. So, if you want to start deploying your play apps on openshift right away, just sign up at and enter PLAY!WEBINAR as promotional code, and you'll get 3 gears, each with 1GB ram and 512 MB data space, for free.

Have fun playing on the cloud!

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Herry Johnson replied on Tue, 2012/06/12 - 2:07pm

I am using Hibernate3.My requirement is how to encrypt database password in hibernate.cfg.xml.
So how to implement it.

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