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debugClean, a ColdFusion Builder Extension to Check for Debug Free Code

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Recently I wrote some code that ran beautifully on my machine. So beautiful in fact that if it was a painting it would be the Mona Lisa. I pushed it to stage and no one could get it to run.

The reason?

I had left in a console.log and cfdump output to file. The staging environment didn't like this one bit and laughed at my suggestion of the code being like the Mona Lisa.

So, I wrote ColdFusion Builder extension to check for debug code and called it debugClean. Its now up and downloadable on RIAForge. Full description:


Checks a file or folder for any debug code that should probably be stripped before moving to staging or production.

Looks for ColdFusion tags: - cfdump - writeDump - cflog - writeLog

Looks for JavaScript: - console.log

The tags and functions it looks for can be configured to your taste in the _config.cfm file.

Go get it, install it and only push our production ready code!

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Emma Watson replied on Fri, 2012/03/30 - 6:12am

Could this be ported as a cfadmin extension? To allow it to work from there? Because this does sound very useful. But I don't use cf9 or cfbuilder.



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