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Datalator - Fast RIA Tool and Hosting Environment

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There is great interest in Agile/RAD tools for cloud environment with AJAX-style messaging and persistence and so on. Here is the deal:

I have built a tool and environment to create/host asynchro Java applications or applets. No HTML. I was scratching my head heavily wondering where to go next, asking politely for judgement and opinions.

To make an entertaining intoduction see this link about how to  "Build a web application in 4 mins!" from Well, I can do it in 2 mins - here. And creating a few related tables in 3 mins is here.

There is one more movie(12 mins) on what is possible - here (UI mostly, but all is used a in multi-client environment, scalability was not the main issue then, all clients synchronized AJAX-style).

The main idea is: components have 2 parts - client(UI) and server(DB). Components are related (one-to-many, one-to-one). Components are BIG and partly intelligent. Something like RMI, but moderated. There is no server side programming any more - all the logic is programmed by customizing components, relating them and programming the client side.

Some theory is here. I would glady accept some beating (constructive critisism) and other suggestions. It's not ready to open the source just yet, and I am looking for some sustainable business model - so much to develop yet... sorry... any foster home... anyone?

But the main question: is it worth anything? Should it be developed further? And if yes, then what direction shoutl it take.

Thanks everybody(used to be in Javalobby like 10 years ago, everything's changed now), hope it was not boring and pointless.


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Gabor Farkas replied on Thu, 2010/03/04 - 3:48am

The applications you can create this way is quite limited. Seems to be some online Access, but how would you add application logic? Creating the lists and input forms for a data model is usually not a big deal in any of the web frameworks out there. There are even model-driven application generators, like naked objects or JAG, if I remember well. Or Seam-gen. Of course, they don't have web-based model editors.

Alex Semenov replied on Thu, 2010/03/04 - 4:06pm

>The applications you can create this way is quite limited... Nice question, thanks. Application logic consists of standard CRUD operations ("online Access" - default behevior, supported by run-time) and something more specific, which has to be programmed. And it has. API provides get/set methods for tables, records and fields. API allows you open "empty/custom" layers much like as Java Canvas and you program whatever you want. Sky is the limit :-). It is Java API(surprise, surprise), but client might be implemented in any language - just comply with the protocol. I did provide the showcase in the original post: There is custom logic implemented and not the trivial one. The most interesting byproduct? - ALL the programming is done on the client side. I load a table, go thru it, choose a record, use it as a key to load another table. Straightforward. I can host different apps SAFELY in the same process(JVM) on the server. Now try that :-). The technology is not ready yet for massive production deployment (working on it), but it is able to serve 10-20 simultaneous users on the NET and I do not know how many more in the LAN environment(100?). No API docs though yet. All that coming. If somebody willing to try it half baked - email, please.

P.S. In standalone era I used to run a SW company - we've sold about 30 commercial applications. Today I've done only 3. The Server Management implemented as a client itself (+1). Cannot imagine what cannot be implemented on that platform.

Ray King replied on Mon, 2010/07/12 - 11:27am

Nice work at:

I was very impressed with the truck app video, and the way it was presented.

I am sure you will find success soon.  Keep it going!

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