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April 1, 2008: Recap of Big Day for Tech News

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When it rains, it pours! Yesterday was a HUGE day for tech news, especially news relevant to the Java audience. It was such a huge news day, in fact, that I'm certain we have missed some very important headlines. Please add more into the comments below, and we'll edit them into the list. Here's what we have so far...

Java-Specific News:

Broader Industry News:

Phew! Yesterday may have been an unprecedented news day! Have we missed an important one? Please reply in the comments, and we'll get it into the list. Thanks.




Geertjan Wielenga replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 8:58am

If we were voting on the cleverest April Fool's joke from those lists, I would pick the one about jJava!

James Sugrue replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 9:17am

I'd go with Microsoft buying out SpringSource *shudder*

Jevgeni Kabanov replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 10:50am

You missed JavaRebel going AI: http://www.zeroturnaround.com/blog/javarebel-goes-ai/.

Jevgeni Kabanov replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 10:50am

and +1 jJava :)

Rainer Eschen replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 11:15am

Microsoft Spring-ified. That rocks.

Rick Ross replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 12:09pm in response to: Jevgeni Kabanov

Added - thanks!

Andres Almiray replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 2:48pm

I must say that JavaRebel's screencast is one of the funniest... do not use Scala, it will bring doom to our society, it is the tool of the Devil^H^H

Jevgeni Kabanov replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 2:53pm

Thanks! It was great fun making it! However it's not the tool of the devil, but our future digital overlords :P

Jevgeni Kabanov replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 2:54pm

And if already you speak about Scala: http://groups.google.com/group/liftweb/browse_thread/thread/90a3014bc96a5248

Andres Almiray replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 4:26pm

LOL, COBOL on COGS, now that is foward thinking! Thanks for the laughs Jevgeni

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